When can I take out a free credit?


The free credit can be proposed for a real estate project but also consumer goods, services and holidays. Partly a property with an interest-free loan is possible when one matches the eligible borrower profile. But the free credit is also offered to consumers who want to pay a consumer good in several times without having to bear borrowing interest. Focus on different situations that can qualify for 0% credit.

Free real estate loan

Free real estate loan

The zero interest loan is a free loan that is not available to everyone.

Its attribution subject to conditions depends on different criteria: the situation of the applicant, type of housing or type of work for example.

The quality of first-time homebuyer is required to qualify for a free real estate credit, meaning that the borrower has not owned his or her principal residence for at least two years.

This two-year period is assessed on the date of the loan application. However, the borrower is not required to comply with this condition in some cases. For housing to be considered as principal residence, the borrower must remain there for at least 8 months a year, except in the case of force majeure, health problems or professional constraints.

Similarly, the free mortgage is linked to housing occupancy conditions, determined according to the loan date. Ceiling resources, geographical location and number of occupants of housing are also part of the conditions.

Finally, the type of housing giving entitlement to the Zero Rate Loan is clearly defined, whether new or old with works.

Subscribe a free credit to equip yourself

Subscribe a free credit to equip yourself

Granted by the financial organizations but also by the merchants, the free credit is a consumption without interest loan .

Thanks to this credit free of charge, the consumer pays his purchases in monthly installments, usually over a short period of a few months. Appliances, toys, furniture, floor coverings, windows, bicycles are all goods financed through a promotional credit.

Many services are also accessible thanks to the free credit : it can be to settle in several times without expenses the services of a craftsman for example.

Car loan without interest

Car loan without interest

Some dealers offer to take out a free credit usually for 12 months for promotional purposes. An advantageous solution for the customer but also for the seller because the free credit encourages purchase .

It is particularly appreciated by people who do not have a personal contribution to buy a car in cash or who do not wish the whole of their vehicle with an auto loan with interests.

Holiday Credit 0%


Ideal for no more holidays even if at the lowest, this free credit is also a consumer credit at no cost . It is offered by many travel agencies and holiday centers. By booking several months in advance, the consumer pays his stay or his trip in monthly installments so that one month before the date of departure, the amount of the service is fully paid.