Actress beats up underage girl with sandals, arrested “


Mumbai: A shocking case has been revealed in Versova, Mumbai. In fact, an underage girl working as a domestic help in an apartment here accused her landlord of assaulting her with sandals. It is said that the minor informed his sister about it and that his sister subsequently lodged a complaint with the police. Given the seriousness of the case, the Versova police arrested the accused woman.

Police say the accused woman is a troubled actress. On the other hand, in this case, the minor said to have been beaten several times for not having done the job correctly. The victim testified that initially she did not complain about the harassment, but in the past the accused started harassing her again. He was killed for not completing the work on time. The victim said that the accused had hit her with sandals, which caused her head injuries.

At the same time, she went to the hospital for treatment and when her sister inquired about the injury, she said it all. In this case, the police informed that the accused woman is a 25-year-old struggling actress living alone in the Versova apartment. At the same time, the minor victim had been working in the apartment for four months. Police said although they knew the girl was an underage, the woman hired her as a domestic helper. It’s also against the rules. As much to say to you that for having employed a minor, the accused actress can be punished under the law on child labor.

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