Are the Yankees the Capital Region’s favorite team?


Who is the Capital Region’s most popular sports team? I think we know, but let’s watch anyway. There are probably a few great professional sports teams and leagues that we can throw out immediately. The NHL is easy to start. Aside from the general lack of popularity, a direct result of Gary Bettman’s reign as Commissioner, the NHL fan base in the Capital Region is too fractured.

Although, for some ridiculous Bettman rules, we are considered the territory of the Buffalo Sabers, the New York Rangers appear to be the most popular in the Capital Region with the Boston Bruins, the New Jersey Devils, who had their AHL team in Albany, New York. The Islanders then the Sabers lagging behind the Fan Pack.

Is an NFL team the most popular in the Capital Region? There are certainly the most NFL fans of all sports. Again, I think this fan base is also divided. Tom Brady and the New England Patriots stole the hearts of many area fans in the process of winning 6 Super Bowls.

The Jets don’t have a lot of fans, but they do. Josh Allen and his Buffalo Bills fan base are growing week by week. But it’s still Big Blue Country. The New York Giants were part of the fabric of the community as they called Albany University their summer home for 17 years. Needless to say, they won their fan base in the Capital Region.

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Could it be a collegiate team that is the most popular in the region? Not likely. Again, too many options. Siena and UAlbany are both popular but not enough. RPI and Union Hockey have been great in their own right, but again, not quite there. Ditto for the NBA. Not here.

So that leaves us with major league baseball. Well, maybe not most of the fans, but that fanbase isn’t that shattered. Are there New York Mets fans in the Capital Region? Absolutely, but we are vastly outnumbered. Fans of the Red Sox? Yeah. They are there too but once again, outnumbered.

The most popular team in the Capital Region is still the former parent club of the Albany-Colony AA franchise, the New York Yankees. Maybe that will change someday, but I don’t think I’ll see it. 104.5 FM WTMM is the official baseball radio for the New York Yankees!

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