Best Nike Air Max Shoes To Buy 2022

Thirty-five years of Nike Air Max, infinity to go. When introduced in 1987, the advent of the brand’s famous visible cushioning system revolutionized the footwear industry. There’s something quite enchanting about Air Max; Colloquially referred to as the “bubble,” the Air Max cushioning was quickly ordained in street fashion as a must-have accessory, while being invoked in the sports world.

In the early 2000s, consumers were clamoring for the Air Maxes of the past, with decades-old models such as the Air Max 1, Air Max 90 and Air Max 95 enjoying revitalized relevance in the 21st century. . It’s simply part of the strong foundation of sneaker culture, but Nike has steadily added new layers to the Air Max heritage with a number of updated designs in recent years. The Air Max 270, for example, is a perfect example of how a classic can be made these days. The Air Max Dawn reflects a combination of Nike’s unwavering adherence to innovation and loyalty to its past.

With Air Max Day arriving this week, we’ve highlighted five current-gen models that rightly deserve a place at the table, as we embrace new ideas as much as we revere iconic sneakers from the past. All of these new Air Max models are available now at, so check out our favorites below and celebrate Air Max Day the best way we know how – with a fresh pair of sneakers.


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