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There are few annoyances more glaring than cold, wet feet, especially when trapped in wet socks and shoes. This tends to happen when you forget to wear rain boots or can’t care because they are so uncomfortable that somehow soaking sounds better. But what if we told you that we’ve rounded up some of the best women’s rain boots on the market today?

We’re talking about the ones you would really like to wear. They would not only be comfortable, but stylish, versatile and warm. And you could take them off at the end of the day (easily, one might add) to reveal no blisters or bumps in sight.

How to buy comfortable and cozy rain boots

Before we started looking for the ultimate pair, we asked a specialist exactly what you should look for when buying a pair of comfortable rain boots:

✔️ Look for arch support: The key to all of this is finding a boot with a shank in the midfoot, says Michael Fishkin, certified pedorthist at Northern Illinois Foot & Ankle Specialists. A midfoot shank is a supportive structure that sits between the insole and the outsole of a shoe, along the arch of the foot. “It helps prevent the midfoot from collapsing,” he adds.

✔️ Go big or small: When it comes to short boots versus tall boots, Fishkin says that both varieties can be favorable, it all depends on personal preference and how they provide “the ability to put your foot and leg differently”.

✔️ Consider the preference for socks: This will determine how much leeway your feet need. “Most rain boots have a really nice lining to help absorb moisture and sweat,” says Fishkin. “If it’s cooler outside, I like SmartWool socks because they’re woolen and the natural fibers help wick away moisture. Otherwise, I like a polyester blend sock with CoolMax fibers in them.

Ultimately, it depends on your lifestyle which shoe will work best, but we’ve done some groundwork in finding an array of diverse options (including choices recommended by experts) to start your shopping.

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Tall waterproof rain boots

More than likely you’ve seen these quintessential rain boots before. Their bold rectangular logo has become synonymous with shoes over time, and that’s because they really look so good. Fishkin loves them because they have a flat sole to prevent the midfoot from collapsing, as well as a removable insert that you can replace with a custom-made insole or orthosis.


Rugged Wellie Chelsea Boot


$ 99.00

Another recommendation from Fishkin, these boots are just as functional and cute. “This is a shorter boot with a lugged outsole for added traction and durabilityThey also have a midfoot shank to prevent midfoot collapse and a removable cushioned sockliner.


Matte Sienna rain boot

If you tend to get cold feet, you might want to splurge on a good UGG that’s, you guessed it, lined with sheepskin for your cozy comfort. Don’t worry about the humidity, however, everything is protected by a rubber construction, and this particular style comes in a cool matte finish. If you prefer shiny, the Sienna comes in this finish, too much.


Wiley rain boot


$ 113.46

Bernardo is a brand that has been around for a while, and they know how to make rain boots. This shoe is the epitome of fashion meeting function, with a faux fur cuff, a smooth outer layer and a mid-rise design. A waterproof rubber upper material and lace-up construction is the icing on the cake.


Women’s Wide Calf Rain Boots

Wide calves? No problem. These boots have been specially designed for you. They can adapt calves up to 18 inches, are completely waterproof and are also roomy at the ankle and foot so you can say goodbye to the discomfort and swelling caused by rain boots of the past.


High-grip insulated rain and snow boots

Forget the hassle of putting on and taking off the boots with this innovative style, which has sturdy handles to facilitate dressing (and undressing). BOGS are designed for farmers, so they are very durable. They are 100% rubber with a non-slip sole and a removable insole that wicks away moisture.


Saltwater boots

This elegant shorty has a rubber sole, a leather upper and a fleece lining to keep your feet dry and warm whether you walk in the rain or at sea.


Evie slip-on rain boot

Not all rain boots have to be casual. This one is perfect for dressier occasions, with a wedge heel and water resistant suede. “I live in PNW and it is always humid. I wanted waterproof boots that would look cute for everyday wear … make them look a little bit dressy! An Amazon buyer wrote.


Short rain boots

Over 15,000 Amazon Customers Have Reviewed This Pair Of Boots And They Continue point to 4.5 stars. At under $ 40, they have everything you need in a waterproof shoe: a rubber sole, lightweight, eco-friendly PVC construction, and roomy toes.


Molly Welly Rain Boots

Who Said Rain Boots Have To Be Boring? Joules’s Molly Welly style takes center stage 34 different prints, from butterflies to bumblebees to the leopard. They are also 100% rubber and have an adjustable side strap with a buckle.


Piccadilly rain boots


$ 49.95

You’ll feel like you’re strutting around in a movie in these classic Chelsea-style London Fogs. They are easy to put on, have a soft rubber sole, and come in all kinds of fun colors and patterns.


Muck Warm Snow & Rain Boots

Amazon reviewers call them their go-to mud boots for the dirtiest conditions. Think about stables, mud and farming. That’s not to say they can’t be worn on a rainy walk, however. They are elegant and comfortable, especially thanks to the durable, moisture-wicking fabric upper with more flexibility than a traditional rubber boot.


Jennifer Riding Style Rain Boots

If you’re looking for a classically tall, durable, and fashionable boot that will get the job done, whether you’re walking the dog on a drizzly morning or wading through a flooded basement, these Kamiks will do the trick. They have an Amazon rating of 4.2 stars, and critics say they stand the test of time. “They’re incredibly comfortable with great arch support so I can go on all day. The steps are awesome,” wrote one buyer. “Through all the snow, mud and ice, I didn’t not slipped at all.


Mid-calf padded rain boots


$ 27.19

Go for basic black and opt for this padded boot that will always go with everything, but bring sophistication to your look. These are 100% PVC and have a low heel, perfect for everyday wear. They are also available in navy, khaki and gray.


The rain boot


$ 75.00

Everlane aims to create chic basics that last, and these rain boots are no exception. They have a non-slip tread, stretch side panels and pull tabs that facilitate their placement and removal. They are designed to be worn with thick, warm socks, so if you plan to wear other socks or typically wear half a size, the brand recommends reducing the size.


Rain shoe from the market

Okay, it’s not technically a rain boot but maybe you are not the type to put on shoes! A rain shoe is a great alternative, especially if you don’t plan to brave the elements for long. They are easy to put on and have a memory foam insole which makes them perfect for gardening.

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