Billie Eilish Nike Air Force 1: Classic design with velcro


As mentioned in it SNL opening monologue last week, if you don’t know Billie Eilish by her music, you probably know her by her hair and clothes. Since taking the limelight, Eilish has always experimented with her style, whether she wears baggy clothes on stage or an elegant ball gown at the Met Gala. Due to her innovative sense of style, Nike asked the singer to help her design her own style of Air Force 1 sneakers.

Eilish’s new Nike designs were just unveiled this week, showing how the singer chose to give her own twist on classic Air Force 1 styling. Her sneakers feature five Velcro straps on the top with a chunky sole in the shoe. a mushroom beige color.

This is not the first time that Eilish has created his own sneaker. Last September, the singer revealed that she had teamed up with Air Jordan for two innovative designs. Eilish deliberately went for a more neutral design, with one of the sneakers showcasing a more classic silhouette but dyed with a vibrant green color that the singer is so closely associated with. Both of Eilish’s Air Jordan models were made 100 percent vegan, as the singer herself is vegan, and were made from 20 percent recycled materials.

Check out a preview of Eilish’s new shoe collaboration above.

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