Celebrity-favorite Ugg Fluff Yeah sandals are on sale


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I blame my millennial upbringing for a once serious aversion to any mention of Uggs. Hearing the name of the brand, my brain jumped to dissociative flashbacks of middle school and high school where everyone except me (womp womp) wore those sheepskin-lined boots like their lives depended on it.

My reintroduction and new obsession with the brand came when I saw how comfortable and chic everyone looked walking around in furry platform sandals, which I consequently discovered were it was Uggs. I’m not the only person to fall into another era of Ugg obsession – iterations of the furry slides have been worn by a long list of celebrities, including Megan Fox, Selena Gomez and Gigi Hadid. If you’ve been waiting for a sign to finally treat yourself to one of the most comfortable pair of sandals in the world, here it is: a selection of Ugg slides, including the Fluff Yeah sandals, are currently 50% off at Nordstrom.

While scouring the internet for an excuse to indulge myself, I came across an awesome range of Ugg sandals on sale at Nordstrom, and literally jumped for joy.

As any experienced bargain shopper would do, I opened a new tab for each pair of Ugg sandals I was looking for – Fluff Yeahs, Fluffitas, Disco Cross’ and Super Fluffs – with red text indicating a price of sale. At 50% off, it wasn’t hard to convince me to buy two pairs, quickly justifying that it was the equivalent of buying one at full price.

Even at full price, Ugg sandals tend to sell out, so act fast to take advantage of this mega sale and secure yourself the sandals you’ll be spending all summer in.


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