Chrome Industries will use Panaracer tire compound for more grippy soles


Best known for its recycled and urban cycling clothing, Chrome Industries has upgraded its collection of urban cycling shoes, claiming the new line is the most grippy and durable yet.

The Chrome X Panaracer Pedal Series sneakers retain the classic Chrome design and now feature Pararacer’s signature rubber compounds, for what Chrome Industries calls superior grip.

The collaborative line has been identified as a ‘revamped’ collection, meaning the end result is similar to the Portland-based brand’s previous sidewalk bike shoe offerings.

Chrome claims that working with Panaracer has allowed them to improve their shoes to now offer more grip, durability and comfort than their previous models.

Chrome Industries has partnered with Panaracer.  The image shows the sole of a Chrome shoe attached to a pedal on a bicycle.

The Chrome Industries X Panaracer collection includes recessed cleat mounts, compatible with most dual-bolt clipless pedal systems.

(Image credit: Chrome Industries)

The fall / winter shoe line offers all-weather protection, as well as muted color tones for convenient disguise of bad weather prints, some featuring a recessed double bolt cleat support for clipless pedal systems.

Well known and worn by many urban riders, the Kursk Pro shoe (in the featured image) is designed to keep the elements out and the heat in. The top of the line is renowned for being quick-drying, durable and water-repellent. Compatible with most double-bolt pedal systems, the new Panaracer rubber outsole promises to provide traction and durability aimed at riders who are frequently on and off the bike, such as couriers and delivery men.

The Chrome Industries Kursk AW in the picture shows camo and olive green colors in both side and down positions

Kursk AW is Chrome’s original low profile urban bike sneaker and now comes with a weather resistant exterior and Panaracer rubber sole.

(Image credit: Chrome Industries)

Next in line is Chrome’s original low-profile urban bike sneaker. Part of the popular Pedal series, the road tested Kursk AW returns with improved weather resistance features. A water-repellent and quick-drying abrasion-resistant nylon upper has been paired with a vulcanized Panaracer rubber outsole similar to that of the Kursk Pro. Color choices include Olive Green or Woodland Camo finishes. There’s even a specific Night Edition, which features reflective decals for increased visibility in low light.

Chrome Dima 3.0 is the brand's slip-on option.  This image features the sole, side and top to bottom images of the shoes in two colors, black and camouflage or olive green.

The Chrome Dima 3.0 is the brand’s option of laceless cycling shoes.

(Image credit: Chrome Industries)

The Chrome Dima 3.0 looks to us like the cycling equivalent of a pair of TOMS shoes, with their slip-on design, but has the smart addition of weather protection and Chrome’s PowerPlate upper to give the shoe a solid platform and more power transfer to the pedals. Again, the Panaracer outsole should provide good grip in all conditions, both on and off the bike.

The Chrome Southside Pro edition in the image shows a front side of the shoe and a side turned behind showing its recessed cleat on the sole.

The Southside High Tops Pro Chrome Edition with in-display cleat support.

(Image credit: Chrome Industries)

Chrome’s fall / winter collection also sees the return of the brand’s iconic high-top option, the Southside 3.0. It also features the solid PowerPlate upper, an upper that is durable in all conditions and neat details such as the asymmetrical heel to prevent crank clipping and the lace lock on the tongue. The Southside 3.0 is also available in the same colors as the Kursk AW, as well as a Pro Edition, which includes a recessed double-bolt cleat mounting option and a Southside Low, which is a lower version of its big brother.

The full line of footwear is available now from with worldwide shipping available.

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