Colorado’s 7 billionaires of 2021 include Pat Stryker of Fort Collins


Pat Stryker’s grandfather founded Stryker Corporation which deals with medical technology. As the heir to this wealth, Pat Stryker’s wealth further increased.

Many may not be aware that Bohemian Nights in Fort Collins, which falls under the Bohemian Nights Foundation, is owned and operated by Pat Stryker. She uses her wealth to support music, community, global and civic programs.

According to Denver Post, Pat is among the seven richest Coloradans according to Forbes’ latest list, the ‘Forbes 400.’. Its value in 2021 is $ 3.4 billion, nearly a billion dollars more than his fortune in 2020, when it stood at 2.5 billion dollars.

I often wonder where Pat Stryker lives in the Fort Collins area. I’m sure someone knows, I haven’t met anyone who does. Is it in town, or let’s say in the Red Feather Lakes area, and they just say “Fort Collins” to make it easier.

Either way, it is highly unlikely that I will set foot in his house anywhere.

Stryker is just one of the seven richest people in America on the Forbes 400. Seven billionaires, it would be, who live in Colorado.

Forbes’ 7 Colorado Billionaires for 2021

Pat Stryker is by far the richest person in Fort Collins. Here is the list of the seven richest people in the centennial state.

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