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LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / December 30, 2021 / AdMedia and CEO Danny Bibi are fortunate to have many top companies among his valued clients. The company has been focused for more than 20 years on creating excellent value for its clients in digital marketing, and its level of expertise is reflected in its results.

Large companies like Meredith, Hearst, Keen and Edmunds have discovered the benefits of the business on their own. Danny Bibi would like to thank his most loyal customers and wish them the best in 2022.


This company has been providing information on new and used cars since 1966. This historic company introduced the first automotive information website. Edmunds has taken full advantage of its online presence through digital advertising and has continued to grow its presence. The company provides car reviews, pricing services, and other data that helps consumers choose the right new or used car.


Hearst is a multimedia publisher with investments in television, radio, newspapers and magazines, among other businesses. The company publishes popular magazines like Cosmopolitan, Men’s Health, Elle, and Car and Driver. The company used contextual targeting advertising to deliver the right ads to the right users at the right time, creating better ROI and better user recognition.


The outdoor shoe maker was founded in 2003 in Alameda, California. The company provides high-quality sandals, hiking boots and other footwear with a focus on the outdoors. Thanks to its quality products and thoughtful advertising, Keen has a large and growing segment of the outdoor footwear market.


Meredith publishes magazines like Food & Wine, Cooking Light and Health. The company is also involved in digital publishing with platforms as popular as AllRecipes. The company is highly regarded by fans of lifestyle brands and provides entertainment and information to its fan base.


ZipRecruiter is a popular job board that helps companies find the best employees possible in a crowded market. ZipRecruiter relies on its digital marketing to stay in business and understands why the latest digital marketing techniques are crucial for success.

Danny Bibi and his company would like to thank their customers for a happy new year 2021. He wishes every customer prosperity for the new year.

About AdMedia

AdMedia is ready to help businesses of all sizes expand their reach with its proprietary contextual advertising techniques and other methods. The company does not use third-party cookies but relies on first-party data to explore visitor profiles and properly target advertisements while protecting user privacy.

The company is ready to help its customers maximize the benefits of digital marketing while getting an accurate picture of their website visitors. The use of contextual methods and other proprietary techniques allows users to be tracked without resorting to invasive strategies such as third-party cookies.

Contact details:
Danny Bibi
Founder and President, AdMedia
6320 Canoga Avenue, Suite 200
Woodland Hills, CA 91367

Email: [email protected]
Telephone: (800) 296-7104
Website: dannybibi.com
Twitter: @Ad_Media


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