Designer Lauren Rodriguez wore vintage Vivienne Westwood to wedding Chase Hall on their New York street


Lauren Rodriguez and Chase Hall met in the spring of 2014. She, the founder, creative director and designer of Lorod, was hosting a party at the New York home they now share. He, an artist whose paintings have been acquired by the Whitney and the Hammer Museum, among others, was present with mutual friends. The two have been inseparable ever since.

After spending nearly all of their 20s together, Chase tricked Lauren into having an errand at the Carlyle Hotel, where he got down on one knee and proposed with their Great Dane, Paisley, who was watching . Since they had already spent many years together, they both knew they wanted to get married relatively soon after the proposal and that, for them, it was New York or nowhere. After much deliberation on the location, they finally decided to hold the ceremony at the most important place for them in the city: their house. “The little diagonal one-block street — one of the only ones that really runs east to west in the city — is home to some of our favorite characters,” Lauren says. “We couldn’t imagine a more appropriate setting to get married than this magic block where we met almost eight years before.”

The bride wore a vintage Vivienne Westwood dress with gray-blue Manolo Blahnik heels and a custom antique veil from Bill Bull. “I always knew this was the dress I wanted to wear and it had to be vintage,” Lauren says. “So when a friend found it at a dealer in London I knew I had to buy it even though it was five months before Chase offered.” She accessorized with custom Prounis emerald and pearl earrings and a family heirloom cameo pin at the bottom of her corset. Chase wore a custom Loro Piana Martin Greenfield double breasted suit, adorned with a custom Prounis emerald lapel pin and matching emerald cufflinks, with a Charvet piquet tuxedo shirt and black House Bode shoes for the ceremony.

Friends and family, all dressed in black tie, lined the streets. The sound of jazz musician Dick Griffin’s trombone filled the air as guests sipped champagne and caviar. Neighbors, NYU students and friends stood on fire escapes and perched at their windows to watch Lauren cross the closed street-turned-alley. The couple’s front porch was lined with tall stems of calla lilies, and it was here that Lauren and Chase were wed by their longtime friend, Dr. Kenzo Bergeron, in a service that event producer David Rodgers helped orchestrate.

“We both felt like ourselves,” Lauren recalled. “On the front porch we walk up every day with all the people we love standing in the street outside our house – a sea of ​​umbrellas on a rainy New York day. It was just what we needed. »

After the ceremony, everyone moved to Balthazar in Soho for a rowdy dinner with rounds of seafood, pepper steak, lots of fries and martinis galore. Lauren changed into a vintage Chanel black and white strapless sequin dress and Chanel shoes. Tracey Ryans, a close friend of the couple, served as emcee and graciously carried guests through speeches that were a mix of tears, heartwarming and hilarious. The party lasted all night and into the wee hours of the morning, as New York’s favorite beer hall transformed into a big dance floor. Servers and kitchen staff joined in as guests danced holding calla lilies and wearing festive feather masks. “We’re so sad it’s over!” said Laurent. “It’s really something special to have all the people you love in one room to celebrate a new chapter in your life with the person you love the most.”


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