Five-try Law puts on a show for Otley in a home beating


OTLEY put on a scintillating home spectacle on Saturday, to defeat Sandal by an eye-catching 73-7.

The hosts kicked off the game and within three minutes they were on the scoreboard.

With the ball on their 10-yard line they advanced, passing it to Marcus Law who edged the opposition down the line before scoring, Joe Rowntree adding the conversion.

For the next twenty minutes, the locals found themselves practically stuck in their own half after a series of penalties imposed on the visitors, and they were lucky not to incur a yellow card. Although Sandal insisted, they failed to make their way through Otley’s defense.

After finally coming out of their own half, Otley reached Sandal’s red zone and, from the left corner, they worked the ball across the pitch for Law to get his second in the opposite side. After recovering the restart, Otley moved the ball to their 22, before Ben Magee stepped forward, passing the ball to Henry Roberts just inside Sandal’s half who then descended the left sideline to score .

Otley got his bonus point after a scrum in his own half, with the ball passing through their hands before their wingers combined for Law went through to his third. Shortly after, Sandal fell to 14 men after Scott MacGregor was given a yellow card.

The halftime whistle sounded and was 28-0 for the hosts.

Within 90 seconds of the restart, from inside his ten-yard line, Ben Magee traveled the rest of the field to score. Two minutes later and after a game of ping-pong, he did the same thing again although this time from the age of 22, Rowntree adding the two conversions.

Otley’s Dan Preston-Routledge caught the restart which started a relentless move up the field, forwards and backs combining with Elliot Morgan finishing a great team move as he landed in the corner of the scoreboard after 45 minutes. Otley’s eight tries came after a Sandal attack collapsed on Otley’s 22, Magee and Law doing the legwork, and Law giving the ball to Ben Waddington over the line. try for # 7 to score.

It didn’t take long for Law to get back on the scoreboard, from a roster in Sandal’s half and with Law calling the ball, Jack Mackie’s kick on Sandal’s defense found Law and he had an easy run to the line. Five minutes later, inside the Otley 22 Law and Roberts combined again to give Lewis Cooper a 15-yard run to Sandal’s line for his first league try for the club.

Law capped a wonderful performance ten minutes from time, taking the ball just outside his 22, chipping the Sandal winger in their half before making his way to the posts. Rowntree’s conversion brought his total to nine.

Determined to avoid a “nothingness,” Sandal kept Otley in her own half for the remainder of the game, choosing to pick and go rather than go for the line when Otley broke. With Otley at 13, Waddington and Preston-Routledge receiving yellows and Sandal on Otley’s line, the pressure finally kicked in and Ryan Gibson was able to work his way through. Scott MacGregor’s conversion marked the end of the game.

After the game, Kyle Dench, Otley’s head coach, was visibly pleased with the result, saying: “To one man, we stepped up and took care of everyone.

“You can see it in our performances and with some big games to come we will continue to push each other to improve.” Report by: Nick Doyle

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