From wedding dresses to RTW, fashion designer Puey Quinones goes for shoes


Los Angeles – Low-key and unpretentious fashion designer Puey Quinones, 41, surprised us one day when he announced that he was launching his shoe collection!

Known for his wedding dresses, RTW dresses, and red carpet designs, Puey revealed he’s always dreamed of having a shoe line. It was, however, Tash Greizen, the charming Filipino-British founder of NOW PR LA, who asked her to collaborate with Lenny Lu on the shoe collection.

Born and raised in Bobon, in northern Samar, Puey never thought he would become a fashion designer, believing it to be just a career for the wealthy who can afford to study fashion in the world. ‘foreigner. But Puey was tenacious and he started working for Manila-based fashion designer Dennis Lustico as an assistant. He got his big chance when he became a finalist in the Philippine Young Designers Competition for Paris.

Now based in Los Angeles, Puey, along with his partner Paul Martineau, created Puey Quinones, Los Angeles (PQLA) in 2018 and opened two showrooms in Bel Air Village, Makati – one for his haute couture brand and the other for Cocomelody bridal wear. He is also the artistic director of Q Bridal.

Last year, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art purchased one of Puey’s pouf-sleeve mini dresses for the permanent collection.

The launch of the LennyLu x Puey Quinones shoe collection took place on the chic rooftop of the SIXTY Hotel in Beverly Hills where LennyLu brand owners Patrick F. Campbell and his wife Marcia Souza, collaborators of “It Girl” Lauren Blake and Antje Utgaard and Puey and a number of famous guests and personalities were in attendance.

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We got to interview Puey after the show and here are snippets of our conversation:

What made you decide to start the shoe business?

I always dreamed of having a line of shoes, when Tash called me last year and asked me to collaborate with Lenny Lu, I immediately said yes! This is a dream come true for me because growing up we couldn’t afford to buy shoes and I told myself that one day I will design shoes and I did!

How did you decide to collaborate with Lenny Lu and who is Lenny Lu?

As mentioned it was Tash who introduced me to Patrick Campbell, he is the President / CEO of Lenny Lu Footwear. Lenny is Patrick’s mother and Lu (Lucy) is the mother of Marcia, Patrick’s wife. They combined the two names and that’s how Lenny Lu started. It was Marcia who started the Lenny Lu and if I’m not mistaken they started with a line for kids. And I came in the photo to help develop the adult shoes and it’s perfect because I love the shoes!

Where will you make your shoes? And the diffusion?

Our shoes are made in Brazil. And we are an online business. And finally, we will do a traveling pop up.

Photo: Getty Images

Photo: Getty Images

Are all of the styles we saw on the show your creations?

I designed the shoes and collaborated with the influencers with their specific colors.

Do you have a favorite?

My favorite are the “Puey” sandals because they are comfortable and unisex. Cocoon shoes are also my favorite because they have a Filipino influence, the heels are inspired by a woven basket.

What was the inspiration for the Liza style? The Lauren and the Roz?

I wanted to create something sexy but trendy. Lauren and Roz shoes are inspired by my love of bow ties. I wanted to incorporate them into my designs because I find bow ties sexy and mixing them with shoes is sexy.

How many workers are you helping in this business?

In terms of operations, Patrick runs the company. I help them in the creative direction. We have our main guy in Brazil. His name is Enio Fitt. He makes a difference for us in terms of product development and of course our installation partner in Brazil does an amazing job.

Photo: Getty Images

Photo: Getty Images

Are you going to continue making dresses, red carpet dresses, and wedding dresses?

Yes. I still make dresses and dresses. In fact, I’m currently working on a capsule collection for the October Katutubo pop-up in Manila and the November pop-up event in Los Angeles.

Other future projects?

Yes. I am working on my own bridal line. His name is Q Bridal.

—MGP, GMA News


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