GmBH launches ASICS and Scholl Footwear Collaborations for SS23


For Spring/Summer 2023, German fashion brand GmbH is not resting on its laurels. Good kind of. Thanks to Scholl – perhaps better known in America as Dr. Scholl’s – there is at least some comfort to be had in the midst of turbulent times.

To be precise, this Scholl collaboration is part of GmbH SS23, “Ghazal”, was initially intended as a direct homage to the South Asian heritage of the two GmbH co-founders.

Benjamin Huseby, for example, has roots in Pakistan, a country currently struggling with flooding caused by climate change.

“Large parts of the country are still under water,” explained GmbH in its show notes. “Pakistan is the fifth largest cotton producer in the world, but the fashion world has remained silent.”

It’s a stark reminder of the distance that separates the fashion industry from the nations that anchor its production.

GmbH has always tried to bridge the gap. SS23, for example, invites Indonesian artist Muhammad “Rofi” Fatchurofi and Syrian-born calligrapher Abdelrazak Shaballot to provide bespoke illustrations, bringing South Asian art to the fore.

The collection also features some of GmbH’s new footwear offerings.

There are a few new ASICS trainers – GmbH’s partnership with the Japanese shoe company has already produced some fabulously aged runners – and various quirky shoes, possibly of GmbH’s own design.

However, perhaps the most notable shoe on hand is a selection of slide sandals co-created with Scholl.

Although Scholl and Dr. Scholl’s were separated only by brand quirks – they are marketed as one or the other in different regions – Scholl is now the shoe company’s de facto premium line of footwear, offering a comparatively trendier selection of shoes than its main fare.

He just got a collaboration with Ganni, after all.

Come SS23, GmbH’s bespoke Scholl shoe, the Pescura, will launch with the same wooden sole and Italian production as Scholl’s other offerings. The GmbH difference comes from the engineered straps on the upper, giving the orthopedic slides a cool club kid vibe from GmbH.


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