Hyderabad: Chee chee .. so kakkurta .. theft of sandals .. shop kabolu


chabal thief

Wisdom. It is said that adults are respected all over the world if the same quality is good. If the paddy isn’t good, no one will come near it. In the past, we didn’t know who they were. But now, with the advent of Third Eye Surveillance Cameras (CCTVs), all thieves are finding their maximum. Technology … so that it ignores those who make small mistakes. Much has been said about the last robbery committed by a man.

It is said in the ancient city of Hyderabad that those who steal must be beaten. Wasn’t the thief saying that… he stole those sandals. She is also in a mosque. Everyone who came to pray went inside with unrestricted shoes outside to pray sincerely. Many of their sandals were missing when they went out after prayer. The way he stole the sandals was even worse. The thief seemed to have foreseen the future and made it happen. Watching the moment no one was there, he immediately bowed to where the sandal was. He hid all the beautiful models inside the dress. However, one pair and two couples lost but didn’t care, but many pairs were missed and CCTV footage was shown on them. All the Bagutam, who had been chased by the shoe thief, had already come out.

-Noor, TV9 Telugu, Hyderabad

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