Jayston Tatum wears an Air Jordan 7 and classic shorts


It’s been 30 years since Michael Jordan and the Dream Team changed the history of the sport. The star-studded group used basketball diplomacy to break down barriers and bring the world together during the 1992 Summer Olympics.

Of course, Jordan was the leader of the Dream Team. No one can forget his Air Jordan 7s in the ‘Olympic’ colorway or the iconic shorts he wore at Barcelona (and a McDonald’s ad featuring Larry Bird). We recently ranked the shoes as the second best USA-themed sneaker of all time.

Boston Celtics forward Jayson Tatum knows the history of his hoop and always pays homage to the greats. That’s why he showed up to the NBA Summer League last night wearing a pair of “PSG” Air Jordan 7s, sweater-patterned shorts and an airbrushed t-shirt with Jordan’s face on it.

It was scorching hot in Las Vegas yesterday, and Tatum turned up the heat with her footwear and fashion choices. Some fans have given the All-NBA player a hard time in the past for his cosplay of NBA big names (notably Kobe Bryant). But simultaneously being yourself, dressing how you want and respecting the GOATs is a 3-point game in our book.

Michael Jordan in the Air Jordan 7 “Olympic”.

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Tatum isn’t the only star showing up this summer. Luka Doncic and Zion Williamson were in Paris, France at a legendary basketball tournament sponsored by Jordan Brand. Additionally, Ben Simmons qualified for the Summer League with a pair of exclusive Nike Dunk Lows.

Even in the offseason, the NBA isn’t slowing down. So don’t be surprised when you see players turning more heads wherever they go in the world. Stay locked in FanNation Kicks for the latest news, updates, and interviews.

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