Ken Block lives Petrol Head’s ultimate dream, tears up iconic and secret rally Audis

We’ve had an incredible journey alongside Ken Block since changing the face of automotive content online with his original Gymkhana. And now it opens a whole new chapter. With tears, of course!

Since Ken Block announced the end of his partnership with Ford (his second major manufacturer after Subaru), fans have been eagerly awaiting the sequel. The mystery was solved a few weeks ago, when the pro driver, co-founder of DC Shoes and co-owner of Hoonigan Industries (HHIC – Head Hoonigan in Charge) signed up with Audi.

It’s no wonder when you think about it. First, the Japanese rally legend Subaru got to know Ken Block with the JDM part of car culture. Then it was up to Ford to give the American … an American motorsport partner with a powerful legacy. Now he travels to another continent again, his last trip taking him and his friends / colleagues to Germany.

He is there to visit Audi’s headquarters in Ingolstadt … and not only. So after the first part of his epic new journey when he tried both ICE and VE wonders, it’s time to do some quattro fun stuff at Audi Tradition, the company’s indescribable office building that’s actually a secret haunt for vehicles of past glory.

After the initial moment of wonder, the fun things start at 2:50 when the guys reach the designated parking lot for “quattro only. “There, Ken Block and the pack somehow convince their host (from 4:55) that it’s a good idea to let him lead two of the building’s most important assets.

It would be “Walter Röhrl’s Monte-Carlo wins Group B Sport Quattro S1 E2»Ground missile, as well as the top-secret prototype car of Group S. Besides, it is mentioned that only five other people drove this last before Ken Block … And of course, he has no problem with them. pilot both from 8:35 am on a local airbase!

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