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NEW YORK – Laiik has announced that his most popular sandal, Ani, is back in a 3-shade color palette – the summery color of Greek Stone Gray blends into a subtle light Italian gray and ends in a glossy white. As always, Laiik sandals are handcrafted in very small batches (less than 50 pairs), so make sure you have your size before it runs out!

Ani sandals are also available in black, metallic gold, bay, natural and midnight blue. Free shipping / returns are available in the United States

Laiik is an affordable luxury sandal brand redefining the classic Hellenic sandal for a new generation of conscientious women. Responsibly handcrafted in Athens by 3rd generation artisans, the sandals offer a timeless yet modern look with added comfort.

Laiik’s Greek-American siblings Nicholas, Marika and Helene Theros, based in Washington, DC, grew up visiting their grandmother and aunts in Athens. Their father, Ambassador Patrick N. Theros, is a contributor to the National Herald.

“Raised in an ever-moving Foreign Service family from DC to Damascus, Greece was our constant, and we started every trip with the same ritual: shopping for leather sandals in Plaka,” Helene Theros told TNH in an interview. previous interview.

More information on Laiik sandals is available by phone: 1-800-695-2143, email: [email protected] and online:

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