Lil Nas X uses Nike court drama to promote new song


Fans have been wondering if Lil Nas X will go to court on Monday, July 19, since the rapper recently posted a TikTok video and Twitter posts about upcoming court appearances due to the “Satan Shoes” dispute.

Lil Nas X recently posted a series of TikTok videos that left their fans divided.

the Montero The singer who was recently praised by many for his daring performance at the BET Awards posted a Tiktok on July 16 captioned, “When you have court Monday for satan shoes and could go to jail but your label tells you to keep going. to do TikTok. ‘

The rapper’s hilarious video left a lot of stitches, but also raised questions about whether he was serious about going to court or if it was just a joke. However, he then used his Instagram to clean the air around his TikTok.

Lil Nas X uses court drama as bait

In his TikTok, we see the Old town road rapper struggling to dance with tears in his eyes. As mentioned earlier, he details in the caption that he had to appear in court on Monday July 19 to appear in the “Satan’s shoes” case.

At first, most fans dismissed it as one of his cheeky pranks, but then he took to Instagram and blew it off. He posted a story claiming he had to appear in court because Nike was suing him.

The 22-year-old artist shared a post originally published by the “rapupdatestv” page. He further details that Nike’s lawsuit against Lil Nas X resulted from its “unauthorized release and sale of” Satan Shoes “which sold for $ 1,098 apiece in April 2021.

The rapper also took to Twitter and joked about the situation, detailing his dilemma in deciding what to wear for his court appearance.

Fans react to rapper’s TikTok

Many fans did not understand what was at stake in this whole issue. Others just laughed at the whole situation seeing how cold the rapper was about it.

Lil Nas X released Satan Shoes on March 29, working with Brooklyn-based manufacturer MSCHF, but Nike was quick to file a lawsuit against the company. At the time, the rapper had spared legal trouble.

The rapper presents a new song

After speculation emerged online, Lil Nas X has finally revealed what the drama is about. The rapper posted an excerpt from his upcoming video, a parody of the Nike affair.

In it, Lil Nas X revealed that the song is called Baby Industry. The upcoming song will also feature Jack Harlow.

The Music of Jesus – Official Trailer



The Music of Jesus – Official Trailer





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