Luxury shoe designer Tamara Mellon chooses Markacy for e-commerce


Markacy, a New York-based digital strategy and marketing firm, announced that it has partnered with Tamara Mellon, a global luxury footwear and accessories company, to help drive growth of its e-commerce fueled by growing consumer demand for its luxury product. shoes and accessories.

“We are delighted to be working with the game-changing Tamara Mellon in her industry as the first truly e-commerce-focused luxury company (DTC) that has been built from the ground up,” said Chris Jones, Managing partner and Co-founder of Markacy. “Having a strong digital operation in the luxury, fashion and apparel industry is more important than ever. We look forward to working together to make Tamara Mellon a household name and are confident in our ability to help the brand reach its enormous potential. “

Tamara Mellon, a company founded by her namesake and former co-founder of Jimmy Choo, is making luxury handcrafted leather shoes and accessories more accessible to consumers, made by family-owned factories in Italy. The brand’s innovative approach to product development and manufacturing, along with its DTC strategy, make it a unique brand in the luxury footwear industry. Tamara Mellon has physical outlets in New York and Los Angeles. The company also provides virtual customer service led by a stylist by appointment and its primary retail location is one that’s accessible to everyone – its website.

Jill Layfield, CEO of Tamara Mellon added, “Markacy’s demonstrated knowledge and expertise to help grow e-commerce operations, drive revenue growth and improve brand awareness is already yielding impressive results. We are delighted to see Markacy’s innovative strategy evolve and look forward to continuing our collaboration. “

The brand enlisted Markacy for the company’s expertise in paid social media strategy and paid search strategy to amplify its presence in e-commerce, drive revenue growth and continue to bring the designer closer to her clients.

Highlights of the single quarter partnership include:

  • 162% increase in return on advertising spend (“ROAS”) thanks to Google Paid Search
  • 77% increase in total weekly revenue thanks to paid media
  • 72% increase in revenue generated by Facebook
  • 77% improvement in overall conversion rate (CVR)
  • Collaboration with model and actress Irina Shayk who contributed significantly to brand awareness and the acquisition of new clients

Markacy is disrupting the digital marketing industry by helping new and established brands consolidate and energize their e-commerce strategy through its revenue-driven approach. Its experienced team works collaboratively to digitally transform the business of DTC brands through Facebook and Google advertising, Amazon storefront optimization, holistic media strategy, search engine optimization and creative services, among others. Markacy’s clients include fashion and apparel, personal care, health, beauty, food and beverage, and household goods companies.

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