Man gets slipper beaten by mom after picking her up from airport


South Asian mothers are usually not soft when it comes to showing their love. But this mother has gone a little too far. A video of Palestinian-Pakistani internet personality Anwar Jibawi is currently going viral on Instagram where his mother is seen beating her son with “chappals” (sandals) as he picked her up from the airport.


The clip shows Anwar walking to an airport arrival gate while holding a sign with the words “We missed you” written on it. He also holds a bouquet of flowers in one hand. But, as soon as Anwar’s mother comes out of the airport and sees the sign, she stops and pulls out her slipper to give Anwar a good beating. Just a normal day in a desi hostel!

The flowers and the sign fall to the ground as Anwar tries to escape his mother’s chappal. “My mother is back!” Anwar wrote in the caption of the video.

The hilarious video has been liked over 5.9 million times and has been viewed over 130 million times. People couldn’t stop relating to the video and commented on how the gentle gesture was probably a big reason for the mother’s suspicion. “A broken vase? Torn clothes? What did these boys do when I was away ?? Typical thoughts of a brunette mom, ”wrote one Instagram user.

“It’s suspicious,” commented another.


Anwar Jibawi is a 30-year-old Palestinian-American dancer, actor and YouTuber. Anwar is popular on social media for creating hilarious content. He has over 6.6 million subscribers on YouTube and over 8.1 million followers on Instagram. He currently lives in Chicago, USA.

Well, every mother’s love is different. Law?

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