Model-approved Vagabond shoes are on sale at Nordstrom


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Last year I had my whole apartment repainted, and what struck me the most was what the painter said after finishing: “I have never seen an apartment in my life with so many shoes. Maybe that statement, coupled with the fact that my apartment is only 600 square feet, should have made me reconsider my shopping habits, but instead I bought another pair the day after she left. I mean, he didn’t necessarily say it was a Wrong thing.

So yeah, there are even more shoes in my apartment now, but how am I supposed to stop when celebrities and models like Katie Holmes and Gigi Hadid keep wearing designer shoes that are actually affordable? Vagaband, for example, is basically an open secret among celebrities, and the brand has more than a handful of trendy shoes that typically hover around the $ 100 mark. The most expensive shoe Vagabond makes is a knee-high boot for $ 265, which is still a steal for such a gorgeous boot.

When I started planning an international trip for the first time in two years, I deemed all the sandals I already owned unworthy of this momentous occasion. I needed a new pair to celebrate, but I didn’t have a big budget to buy a summer shoe right before fall.

I remembered the iconic bikini photo of Bella Hadid on her vacation and the controversial flip flops she wore. Vagabond’s were only $ 120, so I added them to my cart and flew to Italy. I wore them every other day and they are now my official summer vacation sandals. I really don’t know how I was able to travel without them.

And while only certain shoes are on sale, they are all more affordable than designer alternatives. So go ahead, add a few more pairs to your cart. That’s what the man who painted my apartment would have wanted, right?

Shop the best Vagabond shoes on sale at Nordstrom, below.

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