Naruto X Air Jordan: the surprising new collection of sneakers from Zion Williamson


Bbasketball player and anime fan Sion Williamson announced that it was going to do a collaboration with the Jordan brand to make sneakers with the figure from the Japanese manga naruto.

Fans can’t wait to see New Orleans Pelicans the player wears the shoes as soon as possible, although in recent games Zion has been unable to play due to injury.

The rumors of the Jordan Zion 2 started circulating on social media, but before everything got out of control, the athlete uploaded an image of Naruto next to the Jumpman logo. It’s unclear when they’ll go on sale or the cost, but the collaboration is expected to be a hit.

According to Williamsonthe collection will center on his first signature sneaker, the Jordan Zion 1. He added that the project is inspired by their “parallel paths in overcoming adversity.”

It was made official on social networks

Through its social networks, the Jordan Brand also formalized the project. They informed that later they will give more details about the launch of the sneakers.

Nike isn’t the first sports company to do something with the naruto series; in January 2022 the Japanese sports brand Mizuno, had a collaboration with the anime, a line of sneakers designed after the three characters of the manga: Naruto Uzumaki, Sakura Haruno and Sasuke Uchiha. Unlike the Jordan collaboration, Mizuno’s Contender shoe line is only available in Japan.

Williamson still not recovered

The Pelicans the forward suffered an injury that kept him out of the field for the entire regular season. He was expected to be ready for the playoffs, but doctors and the player himself decided to take things slowly.

Williamson was seen on the field, making moves, shooting the basket, but he was not seen with too much mobility, so he is almost excluded from playing in the playoffs with New Orleans.


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