Natalia Bryant goes chic blue in floral swimsuit and sandals for the beach – Footwear News


Although Barbiecore pink is the hottest color, Natalia Bryant dedicated her style palette to blue on Monday, complete with stunning ocean views.

The daughter of the late basketball star Kobe Bryant coordinated her blue floral print swimsuit with an inflatable round float that matched the pattern of Bryant’s swimsuits. The icy blue floral patterns in the middle of the ocean were a wonderful sight.

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The one-piece incorporated spaghetti straps and a halter silhouette for a modern finish. Swimwear has an interesting history. First appearing in the early 1900s, one-piece swimsuits pushed the boundaries of women’s fashion, with women actually being arrested for wearing what many would today consider modest bathing suits. In the 1930s, one-piece swimsuits were much like what they are today—fitted, scoop-backed garments with no sleeves or leg covers.

Since Bryant was in the water, shoes were out of the question, but for a summer day at the beach, many choices would oblige. The shoes best suited for Bryant’s floral swimsuit would include a pair of comfy white slides and flip flops that offer both comfort and style.

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