Nykaa Fashion launches “IYKYK” as a new brand of bag and shoe accessories; the stock zooms nearly 2%


FSN E-commerce Limited (Nykaa) has announced the launch of a chic new accessories brand – the latest in Nykaa Fashion’s stable of popular mainstream brands such as Pipa Bella, Nykd by Nykaa, Gajra Gang and RSVP.

IYKYK speaks of its unique monogram, meticulously designed to combine the letters of IYKYK into a circle, aesthetically designed to be both sophisticated and attractive. The monogram represents the core philosophy of the brand – it incorporates the solid form of the logo but at the same time it is open to interpretation, perfectly signifying the acronym “If You Know You Know”!

“IYKYK is developed to meet the growing demand for premium accessories that are fashionable, quality assured and accessible for today’s fashion conscious and digital native consumer. With exclusive designs and versatility at its heart of customer experience, IYKYK is for the consumer who knows exactly what they want and how they make it unique,” ​​says Adwaita Nayar, CEO of Nykaa Fashion.

Celebrating concepts and themes ranging from retro, Gen-Z, quirky and educational, the brand reflects a certain emotion that is part of the IYKYK collective – defined by a free-spirited vibe and nonchalant attitude that is also reflected in the designs. offered. . IYKYK’s wide range of stylishly designed shoes and handbags are a must-have in your collection if you like to be up to date with the latest trends and establish your fashion supremacy with every look.

With products ranging from flats to stilettos and bags that add 00 mph, IYKYK is here to make all your daydreams and dramatic dawn vibes come true. Crafted entirely from PU leather and available in a range of earthy and neutral palettes, this collection inspires style and confidence without much effort.

Nykaa is currently trading at Rs1,866.60 up Rs32.7 or 1.78% from its previous close of Rs1,833.90 on BSE. The certificate opened at Rs1,842.80 and touched a high and a low of Rs1,884.65 and Rs1,798.85 respectively.


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