Off-White’s Formal Shoes Reveal Another of Virgil Abloh’s Latest Designs


Pharrell Williams was seen at Paris Fashion Week wearing a pair of Oxfords that clearly indicated what they were meant for, and now Off-White and Church’s are ready to release their shoes for “special events”.

The collaboration is among the late Virgil Abloh’s latest designs and sees two formal silhouettes covered in bold white text. Church’s specializes in high-end footwear, and as it was known to do, Abloh has once again designed outside of the typical conventional lines.

Getting into serious shoes – Only one of the two styles has been revealed so far: a classic black Oxford with Abloh’s signature design language. Using the sleek, clean design of the Church shoe as a base, Abloh infused their signature Helvetica screenprint on the upper and laces. “Special Events” is spelled on the sidewall and “Shoelaces” is spelled on the entirety of the cotton laces.

While the British cobbler’s original 1953 Oxford typically takes on a brown suede appearance, the Off-White collaboration offers brushed calfskin and brogue instead. The shoes also feature Abloh’s traditional hang tag, except this time it’s enhanced with a leather construction instead of plastic.



Long live Virgil – Abloh was no stranger to luxury and the appeal of well-designed footwear, but he was best known for sneakers and other casual footwear. A signed pair of his Louis Vuitton LV Trainer and a complete Nike x Off-White ‘The Ten’ are currently up for auction at Sotheby’s. The emergence of the collaborations of this Church gives birth to one of its last creations before its disappearance. As well as offering another piece of his heritage, the Oxfords also show more fully the range he was capable of.

Priced at $1,250, the Oxfords are available now through the Church’s website and stores, as well as the Off-White website. Both men’s and women’s sizes help cement a level of inclusivity and Abloh’s mission to create for everyone.


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