Rainy day at F1 concert ruins visitors’ expensive shoes as there’s mud everywhere


Mud on a rainy day at an outdoor F1 concert damages expensive shoes

The three-day F1 Grand Prix is ​​all everyone’s talking about this weekend. For those lucky enough to attend the event, the weather conditions are something to consider.

The October 1 concert saw heavy rain, which caused many to damage their shoes after walking through muddy terrain on the Padang stage.

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Some opted to wear expensive shoes such as Nike Jordans, which crumbled in the Singapore weather.

Rainy day during F1 concert damages expensive shoes

On October 1, torrential rains occurred during the F1 Grand Prix concert, making Padang rather muddy.

As a result, many spectators suffered significant damage to their shoes. As one TikTok user put it, it was all a mud bath.

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Another user lamented the situation, saying she was splattered with mud the second she entered the room.

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Their feet stuck to the muddy ground and they couldn’t jump during the concert.

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She then shared footage of a woman whose legs were covered in mud.

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The user urged all viewers to avoid wearing long stockings, light-colored clothing, and white shoes.

A surfer had even made the unfortunate decision to get into Hermès flip-flops.

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In an attached photo, the sandals had discolored from the mud.

Netizens express their sympathy for the spectators

Many sympathized with the spectators and their ruined shoes.

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After all, it can’t be nice to suffer through the whole gig in a pair of soaked and dirty Jordans.

Other users have also suggested that F1 concert organizers consider placing wooden planks to protect attendees from mud.

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However, some netizens pointed to the bright side of the situation.

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Indeed, a mosh pit full of mud would be quite an interesting experience.

That said, it’s always best to err on the side of caution to keep your laundry bill from piling up.

When attending today’s concert, make sure you are wearing proper footwear to avoid unnecessary accidents with muddy pits.

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