Real Ingredients or PureHealth Research Toenail Fungus Supplement?


Smelly feet, broken toenails, skin infections, discolored toenails, athlete’s feet, yeast infections are all signs of fungal infection in the body. Dangerous fungi and pathogenic organisms are the origin of the fungus. These fungi live in soil, plants, water, air, skin, and interior surfaces.

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In some cases, the fungal infection can enter the bloodstream and have fatal consequences. People with fungal infections normally go to medical facilities or pharmacists and are prescribed antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, creams, oils, or lotions. Although this treatment can temporarily clear the infection, more often than not, the infection resurfaces after users stop using the products. So it is necessary to go to the root to get rid of the fungus. Now, presentation, Fungus Eliminator.

About the fungus eliminator

Fungus Eliminator is a 100% natural dietetic treatment for fungal infections, especially on the toenails. This product is effective and unique in its composition due to its powerful ingredients like herbs, plants and oils. These ingredients are known to treat ailments from ancient times. Fungus Eliminator kills fungi from the root, protects and prevents the onset of new infections, supports gut health, strengthens the immune system and maintains tissue health. Fungus Eliminator permanently prevents skin, toe and hair fungus.

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  • Oregano Oil: Oregano oil is extracted from the leaves of oregano herbs, native to Western Asia and the Mediterranean hills. This oil has rich medicinal properties that fight bacterial and fungal infections that plague the body. Oregano oil is an antimicrobial, antifungal, and antibiotic. This ingredient cures ringworms and fungus on the toenails and is generally used by athletes to treat fungal infections and injuries.
  • Garlic bulb: Garlic bulb native to Central Asia. This ingredient is used for culinary purposes; it helps fight fungal infections quickly and can be applied directly to the toenails or the area of ​​infection. The ingredient works very efficiently and quickly.
  • apple cider vinegar: Apple cider vinegar is extracted from the apple. Apples were first cultivated in the mountains of Kazakhstan. Apple cider vinegar packed with antioxidants, polyphenols, flavonoids, minerals and vitamins. This ingredient has many benefits for the health of the body and promotes gut health, balances gut hormones, and reduces fungal infections. Cider
  • Mugwort: Absinthe is a by-product of absinthe and was first cultivated in Europe. This plant is known for its potent medicinal value. This ingredient rapidly increases energy levels, fights the invasion of fungi, germs and bacteria.
  • Olive leaf extract: The olive leaf is extracted from the olive tree, known for its medicinal properties. The olive tree was first cultivated in Asia. Olive oil helps get rid of fungus on the toenails and toenails, fights attacks from parasites that invade the body, and is used to cure many other ailments.
  • Turmeric: Turmeric is a root crop and was first cultivated in India. This ingredient has many medicinal uses and is commonly used for culinary purposes, inhibits fungi, anti-inflammatory agent, improves immune system, protects body from plague attacks, and promotes body health.
  • Basil leaf: Basil leaf is a plant that was first cultivated in India for aromatherapy purposes. This ingredient is a powerful stimulant, pain reliever, antioxidant, restores body pH levels, supports the immune system, and improves healthy digestion.
  • Caprylic acid: Caprylic acid is a soluble, oily, colorless liquid with an unpleasant taste and odor. This ingredient minimizes the growth of bacteria, kills fungal and yeast infections within minutes.

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How the fungus eliminator works

Fungus Eliminator is a natural dietary supplement that stops the growth and spread of the fungus which affects the skin, toenails, toenails and other parts of the body. The Fungus Eliminator formula penetrates the body and fights fungi from the root and at different levels by stopping the spread to other areas. This product enters the bloodstream, locates the fungal infection and destroys the fungus before harming the body. This product helps restore and maintain a healthy immune system, stops inflammation, reduces the risk of obesity, and eliminates the risk of more fungi in the body. Fungus eliminator works well with nine different varieties of bacteria and microbes and is ideal for the natural treatment of athlete’s feet and ringworms.

How to use the fungus eliminator

· Consult a doctor before using the product.

· There are no dietary restrictions.

· No exercise is required.

· Can be used by anyone of full age who suffers from a fungal infection.

· Suitable for both men and women.

· Follow the instructions on the label.

· Take enough water with the supplement.

· Pregnant women, children and nursing mothers should avoid the product.

· Store the supplement in a safe, cool and dry place.

· Keep away from the sun.

· Return to manufacturer if seal is broken or tampered with.

· Do not exceed the recommended dose.

· Take the supplement regularly.

· Do not use the product if you feel unwell or have a reaction to the product.



Fungus Eliminator should be taken twice daily with meals.

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  • Promotes healthy nails: This product eliminates fungal bacteria in toes and nails and makes nails stronger and healthier. The yellowish discoloration is also removed once the product enters the bloodstream.
  • Cleanses the skin:Fungus Eliminator contains ingredients known to improve the appearance of the skin, eliminate skin infections all over the body, and rejuvenate the skin.
  • Strengthens the body’s immune system : This supplement improves immunity and improves clarity and brain function once the fungus is completely destroyed. The cells of the body become healthy and form a protective layer to prevent any foreign infection from attacking the body in the future.
  • Promotes Strong Hair Growth: when the fungus is eliminated in the body, the nutrients are transported throughout the body, including the hair. This supplement helps restore the original hair color and maintains strong hair.
  • Stops inflammation: Fungus Eliminator contains ingredients like turmeric, which is recognized as a powerful anti-inflammatory. When using this product, the recurrent and chronic inflammation stops.
  • Maintains a healthy intestinal system: The probiotics in Fungus Eliminator help restore gut health by supplying the body with nutrients rich in antioxidants. This ensures that the intestinal system is healthy and free from toxins, parasites, and other chemicals.

Side effects

There are no side effects of the Fungus Eliminator supplement.

Purchase price

The Fungus Eliminator supplement can only be purchased online. Currently there is a price offer for the purchase of one of the 3 packages as detailed below:

1 bottle 60 capsules @ 49.00 per bottle + free shipping.

3 bottles 180 capsules @ 57.00 per bottle + free shipping.

6 bottles 360 capsules @ 47.00 per bottle + free shipping.

In addition, all buyers receive two special bonus books namely, Fungus & Fat and The 7 Secrets. Hurry while supplies last.

Money back guarantee and refund policy

The Fungus Eliminator comes with a 365 day 100% money back guarantee. Users who are dissatisfied with the product are free to return the product and get a refund with no questions asked.

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Q: Who should use the Fungus Eliminator supplement?

A: Fungus Eliminator is safe for all ages as long as they are adults. This product can be used safely by anyone suffering from toenails, fungal infections and athlete’s feet.

Q: Does Fungus Eliminator contain steroids?

A: Fungus Eliminator is safe and steroid free. The product is made from 100% natural ingredients without any additives, chemicals or substances. The natural composition of the ingredients is very powerful.

Q: Can the product be purchased locally?

A: No. The product can only be purchased online to prevent fakes from entering the market. What is sold by the company is a legitimate product.

Q: How long should a user consume Fungus Eliminator supplement?

A: The supplement is made from natural ingredients and long term use gives optimum and excellent results.

Q: Are there any known side effects of using Fungus Eliminator?

A: Fungus Eliminator has been made with 100% natural and potent ingredients and is safe to use. However, check and stop if the user finds anything unusual.

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· Suitable for vegetarians.

· Does not contain chemicals, toxins, additives or pesticides.

· No synthetic fibers are used in the manufacture of the product.

· Developed from scientific research in FDA and GMP approved facilities.

Fungus Eliminator is Vegan, Allergen Free, Soy Free, Dairy Free and Gluten Free

· The ingredients are from organic farming.

· Secure and secure online shopping process.

· Contains no sealants, fillers or chemicals.

The inconvenients

There is no downside to fungus eliminator supplements.


Fungus eliminator supplement is a high quality solution for anyone suffering from fungal infections, especially on the toenails. This very embarrassing problem negates the comfort of walking with open shoes as discolored and disfigured toes need to be covered. This problem can finally be eliminated. Do not fall victim to these infections while a permanent cure is available. Thanks to Fungus Eliminator, the secret is revealed.

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