Rwanda: the best locally made products that became popular in 2021


In recent years, the Made in Rwanda initiative has contributed both to Rwanda’s economic growth and to the trade balance in particular. The development has seen a number of products become increasingly popular in the local market.

In addition to traditional items such as agaseke baskets, imigongo, themed outfits, beads, wall baskets and banana leaf bags, the five-year campaign has reduced the number of imports into the country. country. In 2021, these are some of the items that have become popular in the local market.

sandals for women

While walking through any city in Rwanda, including Kigali, it is common to come across women wearing sandals made locally from leather and with elastic bands.

According to many women we’ve spoken to, sandals are preferred because of their comfort and compatibility with almost any outfit.

Josiane Uwera, a sandal seller in Kigali adds that the sandals are cheap and stylish with different shapes, which makes them eye-catching.

Uwera sells them for 4000 Frw and she sells about 150 pairs per month.

Men’s shirts / Women’s dress

If you are a user of Instagram or other social media platforms, you must have come across images of events in Rwanda and in the Diaspora, where men and women are dressed in outfits on the theme of the imigongo.

Most of the outfit producers swear that the outfits are of high quality, well designed in response to the demand from locals to promote theirs.

“It’s nice to wear yours and not only that, they come in different shades and look fashionable than the usual old styles,” says Robert Muvunyi, a frequent wearer of the shirts.

According to the designers, a shirt costs 25,000 Rwf and more, while a dress costs 30,000 Rwf and more.

Hygiene products

Locally made hand sanitizers, paper towels and liquid soap are increasingly gaining significant market share, with most local producers citing limited capital for future expansion.

According to Lillian Uwamwezi Karangwa, Marketing Director at Pure Homebase Ltd, based in Kicukiro District, they normally receive around 3,000 orders for hand sanitizers in a month.

Sonia Mukamana, a wholesaler in Nyabugogo market, says she sells around 400 bar soaps per month.

These products have become popular, especially this year, as most of the local entrepreneurs started their businesses last year.

Kimono jackets

Kimono jackets are classic T-shaped, full-length jackets with square sleeves and rectangular jackets that can be worn casually.

They are compatible with different outfits and shoes due to unique fabulous design and comfort. These have also become increasingly popular in 2021 due to their affordability and the different shades produced locally.

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