Sandals Halcyon Beach applauds its champion Leran Regis


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Press release:– Muhammad Ali once said “There is nothing wrong with getting knocked down, as long as you get up right away.” Those words inspired 21-year-old boxer Leran “Big Show” Regis, after he was knocked out by his opponent in a small tournament in Dominica in 2020.

The 21-year-old boxer, from the community of Babonneau, has been boxing on and off for about 4 years, and instead of throwing in the towel after his loss, Leran, who is a store clerk in Sandals’ cost control department Halcyon Beach Resort, got back on its feet and has since dedicated itself entirely to mastering the sport.

“I changed my mindset and my personal life dramatically,” Leran said. “I cut out the alcohol, followed a strict diet and took the time to study the sport. My biggest inspiration in boxing is Mike Tyson. He is the youngest heavyweight champion in the story, which is in the same category as me. Tyson won his games before the game even started because of his level of confidence and that’s something I want to emulate.”

Leran’s tenacity and dedication to training caught the eye of trainer Conrad Fredericks and Boxing Association President David “Shakes” Christopher, who were in no doubt that Leran was the perfect choice to represent St. -Lucie at the 2022 Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, England.

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In fact, it’s that same dedication that has allowed Leran to excel in his work and has been key in helping to inspire his colleagues after the pandemic shutdown. Like a true champion, Leran has found a balance between his professional duties and the sport he loves. A typical day for Leran sees him receiving goods for all departments at the station, inspecting those goods to ensure they are intact, and then handing them over to the respective departments.

Sandals Halcyon Beach store manager and former sportsman John Charlery said: “It was easy to support and encourage Leran because I saw his potential to be big and he had the will. that few people have to go further in the sport. Charlery added: “What is even better for Leran is that he is employed by a company that is so passionate about supporting the sport and encouraging young people to participate in it. I can easily see him becoming a sports ambassador for Saint Lucia one day.

Sandals Halcyon Beach Chief Financial Officer Selma Charles said, “Leran is the perfect example of a level-headed person who knows what she wants and goes for it. His dedication; there is nothing lacking in that. There is no doubt that his level of discipline would play a very important role in his performance at the Commonwealth Games and we, his family at Sandals Halcyon Beach, are beyond proud of him. He reminds his team members and society at large that discipline, determination and drive can get you where you want to be.”

Regis acknowledged the support of his colleagues, family and friends at Sandals: “The fact that more and more people realize that I will be representing the country at this event, gives me greater motivation not to let nobody fall”. He said emphatically “I know what it takes to bring home a gold medal and I’m more than ready and willing to get it.”

Regis is set to compete in the upcoming Commonwealth Games scheduled for July 28and – August 8and 2022 in Birmingham, England. He will be joined by fellow boxers Marissa St. Catherine and Kyghan Mortley as they aim to triumph over their respective opponents.

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