Sandals Halcyon spotlights local artisans


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One of the best parts of a trip to the Caribbean is learning about new cultures and remembering those experiences with Caribbean memorabilia. Memories help us remember our travels – the smell, sight, sound, taste or feel of something from another place can make us imagine, for a moment, that we are still there.

As part of its commitment to connecting with local stakeholders, Sandals Gift Shops are full of treasures and must-haves created by many of our local artisans right here on St. Lucia. Strengthening the link between local artisans and the tourism sector benefits everyone and supports our local artisans at a time when the sector is looking to rebound.

Ahead of St. Lucia’s 43rd Independence Day celebrations, Natalie Calixte of Sandals Halcyon Beach Gift Shop, saw this as the perfect opportunity to showcase the great work and products of our local artisans. And so Natalie created an exhibition of Saint Lucian gift boxes which she named “Annou Palé Sent Lisi” – Let’s talk about Saint Lucia.

“It’s my first time doing something like this, but I really wanted to showcase the amazing local produce we have available in a special way,” Natalie said. “I chose products that were distinct from the island and would complement each other well as a collection. My first creation was the “Annou Palé Dité Sent Lisi” – “Let’s talk about teas from Saint Lucia” gift box which included local Coco Sticks, local tea, coffee and a locally painted mug from Saint Lucia.

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Gift shop manager Shantal Lionel said, “Natalie came to me with the idea of ​​specially wrapping selected St. Lucian products and displaying them in a designated area of ​​the store. At first I didn’t know what to expect, but I told her let’s try and see what happens. She came back the next day with everything so well put together. We sent it to our manager who was immediately impressed and delighted to see the response from guests.

In fact, within minutes of setting up the exhibition area, all Saint Lucia packages were sold out.

Asked what she thought of the guests’ response, Natalie said, “Being a Saint Lucian and being able to showcase Saint Lucian products in this way, I’m proud. It really is an amazing feeling and it opened the door to conversation with our guests as they became more intrigued to learn about other local products at the gift shop, their questions and excitement never ended. “.

In addition to the “Annou Palé Sent Lisi” gift sets created by Natalie, Sandals Halcyon Beach Gift Shop offers several other local items, including woodcarvings from the gift shop’s main local hand carving supplier, Charles Johnson , paintings by Vernon Ferdinand and local mugs. and painting by artist McCrasey, among others.

Sandals Halcyon Beach guests were thrilled to purchase the packages to take home as souvenirs, as they say it will encourage family and friends to visit and experience St. Lucia’s incredible culture for themselves.

Main photo: Natalie Calixte of Sandals Halcyon Beach gift shop holding her designs.

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