Sandals South Coast employs dozens at job fair


Sandals South Coast administrative staff sift through application forms received at a recent job fair at the resort.

Dozens of people attended a recent job fair at Sandals South Coast, which aimed to fill positions in the housekeeping, laundry, dining and kitchen departments, primarily, as well as create a pool of pre-screened and pre-screened candidates for future opportunities as they become available.

“This is a time of exponential growth for Sandals Resorts International. The playing field is opening up and there are many opportunities within the company for people who are passionate about the tourism business,” said O’Brian Heron, general manager of Sandals South Coast. “Across our business, the workforce is constantly changing as people grow in their careers and seize new opportunities in the Caribbean, creating space for others to fill.”

Sandals, Heron said, takes a proactive approach to identifying, hiring, training and retaining the ideal workforce.

The job fair, which is the first of its kind to be held at Westmoreland station since the start of the year, saw more than 140 one-on-one interviews with station staff, of which some 80 applicants were immediately selected to join the station team. .

Among the first group of successful candidates is Melecia McDaniel from the nearby community of Whitehouse.

Prior to December 2021, McDaniel worked in Negril, about 50 miles away. Her daily commute proved draining on her finances and she soon struggled to make ends meet despite her job. “I have responsibilities within my household, including caring for my niece, whom I love dearly. Being unemployed meant I couldn’t care for her anymore and it broke my heart said McDaniel.

McDaniel, who was recruited for Sandals South Coast’s housekeeping department, is HEART certified by NVQJ and says she is truly passionate about the hospitality industry and the prospects of working with Sandals. She also hopes that her job will allow her to achieve her goals, which include caring for her niece.

Andaine Snow, another successful candidate, also sees his job at Sandals South Coast as key to achieving some of his goals, such as starting a family with his wife of four years. Snow was an immediate favorite with his dynamic personality and undeniable social skills. “I’m a people person and I like to make people happy,” Snow said. “I’ve always had an interest in the hospitality industry and being able to practice my skills in customer service and as such getting this job is absolutely amazing,” said the St Elizabeth native who will be a newbie in the hospitality industry.

Other successful candidates, Akeem Porter and Khadijah Wellington, both from Whitehouse, also expressed their joy at being employed. They are respectively employed in the resort’s stewardship and housekeeping teams. “I have a passion for housekeeping so I’m glad I made it, especially since I’ve always heard good things about Sandals and know it’s a company that lets you to grow up.”

“We are very confident in our selections and look forward to continuing the process of onboarding these individuals and furthering their careers in the hospitality industry,” says Jeneise Russell-Thompson, Resort Recruitment and Compliance Manager.

Sandals South Coast currently employs over 1,200 people, most of whom come from the communities of Westmoreland and S Elizabeth.

Andaine Snow is a picture of happiness after learning that he has been confirmed to join the Sandals South Coast dining team.


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