Sarah Jessica Parker shares insight into “and just like that” street fashion and showcases this controversial shoe trend


Sarah Jessica Parker recently left her fans ecstatic after finally confirming that And just like that… a fallout of sex and the city, returns to HBO Max for a second season with an Instagram post. While the use of social media to make the big announcement isn’t surprising, what’s unexpected is the controversial fashion trend that Parker seems to be resurrecting.

In the 1990s, women lived with low-rise jeans, ear rings, and even the dreaded socks with a sandal look. As someone who tried every trend as a teenager, I can attest that most of these fashion trends don’t need reviving. However, Parker seems to be bringing back socks with sandals, but this time with a twist.

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In the Season 2 ad, Parker’s photo includes a pair of shoes. How could he not? We know Carrie Bradshaw’s shoe obsession all too well. However, Parker’s character seems to be bringing back socks with sandals, a style we thought we said bon voyage to years ago. By keeping the brand with his character, Bradshaw isn’t just bringing back an old trend. In fact, the style guru may be making her biggest fashion statement yet by rocking stockings with stilettos!

Although Bradshaw once told us that “nothing lasts forever” and that “trends come and go”, apparently that’s a fashion statement worth rebooting. If anyone can do it, it’s Parker And just like that… character. Wearing open-toed Christian Dior alligator stilettos, fans will quickly recognize the heels as the same ones Bradshaw wore in the first sex and the city film. The shoes come with socks, denim cargo pants, a silver Fendi ankle bag and a JW Anderson pigeon clutch. What could be more New York than a pigeon market?

Even if she’s Carrie Bradshaw, can the fashionista bring back this ’90s fashion faux pas? If the comments on the Instagram post are any indicator, the answer is yes! As one fan said, “I can’t wait. I never do socks [with] open toes but i totally love this look. Another asked, “Who said you can’t wear heeled socks?” Obviously, this is an opinion that was never part of Bradshaw’s columns.


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