Sarah Jessica Parker wore the rarest version of this $ 3,590 designer bag with an outrageous shoe


Sarah Jessica Parker

James Devaney / GC Images Sarah Jessica Parker

Raise your hand if you’ve been completely dazed by the Sex and the city to restart. (Me, I put my hand up.) Okay, now raise your hand if you’ve been obsessed with Carrie Bradshaw’s 2021 looks. While a lot has probably changed between ’90s Carrie and today’s Carrie, shots from across NYC from And just like that make it clear that her wardrobe is still nothing short of iconic. Did you expect less?

More recently, Sarah Jessica Parker was pictured on the set of the HBO Max show this weekend, and the outfit she (uh, Bradshaw) wore for what looked like a night out with Miranda and Charlotte features a holdover from the former Carrie: A shiny Fendi wand bag that a thief stole from her in Season 3.

Carrie’s outing ensemble consisted of a colorful print sequin dress, a silk kimono-style jacket, the aforementioned Fendi, and a pair of on-trend ankle-breaking platform heels that stars like Olivia Rodrigo, Florence Pugh and Kelly Rowland have all worn in recent weeks. While extra-high heels might not be the most practical, they are undeniably stylish, and the good news is that they come in varying degrees of “dangerous” (i.e. heel heights). ).

Meanwhile, the Baguette bag, which essentially falls into its own category, is proving to be a key pillar in Carrie’s current wardrobe. If you’re inspired to channel Carrie for your next night out on the town, we’ve found similar Fendi Baguette bags and dizzying platforms her name is written on.

Have the look:

Fendi Baguette glitter bag
Buy now:
$ 1,999 (originally $ 2,400);

Fendi Baguette Glitter handbag
Buy now:
$ 2,745 (originally $ 3,500);

Fendi Baguette glitter bag
Buy now:
$ 1,674;

Chinese Laundry Platform Sandals
Buy now:
$ 69;

Steve Madden Lessa Pump
Buy now:
$ 83 (originally $ 100);

Chastin Vince Camuto Platform Sandal
Buy now:
$ 72 (originally $ 120);

Jeffery Campbell Prima Donna Platform Sandal
Buy now:
$ 140;

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