Shoes to help pass the 2 mile fashion game


New Delhi: The global pandemic has dramatically changed the way we approach our fashion essentials. With working from home defining most of our 24/7 routine, loungewear is no longer limited to our homes. While being on top of our fashion game will always be a priority, our casual and formal wear swap roles and even enter this friendly crossover with the newcomer on the block – fashion 2 miles.

For those wondering what the 2 mile fashion game is all about, there’s a good chance you’re already jumping on the trend without even knowing it. Because as comfort becomes our new cashmere, we can all find ourselves running the 3 km race; From a WFH café atmosphere to a walk with the dog to a pizza night, comfort is your benchmark. When it comes to shoes, our picks in the 2 mile fashion range from sandals and mules to sneakers. And it can be difficult to make the “perfect casual” choice when you don’t know what’s within its scope. We have Matteo Lambert, Collection Manager, Bata India Limited, to help us dress him up with the perfect shoe choices for the new trend that’s here to stay:

Slides, sandals and style: Whether it’s a traditional ceremony or business meetings in a cafe, slides and sandals have made their way through it all. They offer this comfort of life of pick and slide and glide across the sexes. With the ease of donning, you can enhance your playing style; go for the classics, jewelry, flowers, neutrals, the possibilities are endless.

Still active, Athleisure: Athleisure is the biggest buzzworthy trend of the year, and rightly so. They solve our shoe conundrum by providing the perfect balance to the blurred lines between athletic wear and formal wear. If fitness and fashion are your two magic words, then literally give your feet a break. From gray evening wear to morning joggers, they’ll keep you moving anywhere.

Te Clog Club: If 2 miles is the new fashion benchmark, clogs have always been our benchmark of comfort. And now we can have the best of both worlds as the humble functional shoe makes a chic comeback. Clogs are wardrobe essentials to enhance our loungewear game. H-straps, metallic, studded – these are on the 2021 heeled shoe list. Show off by making a chic statement when dressing your straight cut pants, t-shirt dresses, bohemian dresses or jogging pants flared.

The Moodboard Mule: From heels to flats to sandals, they come in all shapes and sizes. And what could be better? They can be worn with a floral dress and your casual blue denim, at work or in the evening. They are basically your everyday ‘thread and boot’ vibe. So, make room for a pair of classic mules.

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