Steph Curry’s Under Armor NBA Finals Shoes Available Now


Remember Steph Curry, “Purple Shoes,” in the dominating Golden State Warriors NBA Finals? Well, now you can rock the same UA kicks.

Under Armor’s latest shoe release – the Steph Curry 4 FloTro – just dropped. So if you want to wear the shoes that Curry himself wore during his incredible NBA Finals run, you can.

I have to admit, it’s a bit strange to see a player like Steph Curry – who is clearly still in his prime – start wearing retro-flared versions of his previous shoes. But, if they continue to blend the best of previous designs with UA’s Flo-Tech, then I’m all for it.

Because these are great. Under Armor was kind enough to provide me with a pair for a first look. Here’s what to expect.

First, these are pretty much a vast improvement over the Curry 4s in every way. They feel better on your feet and I think they look sharper than previous models while maintaining the styling choices that make Curry’s signature shoes their own.

They are incredibly comfortable and lightweight, thanks to the Under Armor Flo-Cushion system. If you’ve worn the Curry 8 or the Curry 9, you know what you’re getting into.

But there are some significant (good) changes. First, the padding/cushioning of the Curry 4 FloTro is much better than previous entries. Second, there is no plastic inside these. There are reinforced patches (because you have to have them in a basketball shoe), but they appear to be suede. So I didn’t experience any uncomfortable chafing or blistering.

In fact, I found them much more comfortable than previous models. Granted, I spent two hours walking in it and about five hours playing in it, so the sample size isn’t huge.

You will also notice that the knitted tops are there and covered with a suede overlay. This is going to help with durability, but it also means the shoes look really good. Almost like a lifestyle shoe, in fact.

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So if you don’t like the hoop, you can rock them every day without getting any weird looks.

Size wise, I went with my typical 10.5 and they fit like a glove. Well, they’re a little tight (in a good way) but I can’t wait to break them. So I recommend ordering your usual size.

At the end of the day, I think you’d be hard-pressed to find a better pair of kicks to play right now.

Order yours now at Under Armour.

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