Taijiquan China-ASEAN 2021 Online Competition Successfully Completed


BEIJING, December 8, 2021 / PRNewswire / – A report from haiwainet.cn: On November 28, 2021, Beijing time, after 6 days of evaluation, the 2021 China-ASEAN Taijiquan online competition has ended, and the competition results have been officially announced.

The competition received more than 4,600 entries from Wushu enthusiasts in China and 10 ASEAN countries. the total votes exceeded 8.2 million and the total number of visits to the official site exceeded 40 million. a total of 9,306 domestic and foreign awards were selected for the two main categories, fixed routines and traditional routines. Among them, 690 overseas awards were given, including 344 Judge’s Choice Awards, 345 Online Popularity Awards and 1 Most Popular Entrance Award.

During the competition, the entries submitted by the athletes received wide attention from Wushu enthusiasts around the world. Among them, the total number of views on the official YouTube channel alone exceeded 320,000. Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and other countries also used warm and friendly comments to express their support for the participating athletes.

Taijiquan’s “cloud competition” has become a popular way to promote Chinese Wushu and improve interaction among Wushu enthusiasts around the world. The 2021 China-ASEAN Taijiquan online competition held with the China-ASEAN Wushu Federation not only reflects the friendship of the people of China and ASEAN to fight the epidemic together, but also opens new promotional channels and platforms for Taijiquan to continue to thrive.

In addition to the offline activities and competitions, the Chinese Wushu Association will be holding more online Taijiquan competitions like this in the future.

SOURCE haiwainet.cn

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