The 14 best designer sneakers of 2022 to splurge on


Deciding if a pair of designer sneakers is worth it can be tricky. As a commercial writer with a huge sneaker collection – new fashionable sneakers (opens in a new tab) to classically cold white pairs (opens in a new tab)— I’m here to help with a must-have list of the best designer sneakers for everyday wear.

I’m not the only one who believes in a great investment in fashion. Marie Claire has an integer value (opens in a new tab)section dedicated to designer products worthy of madness. Our larger list below includes some of the designer sneaker world’s most popular hits, like the viral bee-embroidered Gucci sneakers and the chunky Balenciaga sneakers. It also includes more subtle options from brands like The Row and Loewe because picking a designer sneaker doesn’t have a one-size-fits-all approach.

Keep scrolling down the list of best designer sneakers with my stamp of approval. You’ll find some of the more affordable options listed first.


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