The adidas x Victorinox EQT 93 sneaker combines style and multifunctionality for urban adventures


This isn’t the first time that adidas and Victorinox have collaborated on unexpected designs that actually serve a very worthwhile purpose. The two renowned brands have come together again for a limited edition combo of sneakers equipped with a high-performance Swiss army knife.

This is the adidas x Victorinox EQT 93 sneaker from the German sportswear brand for people who have a very active lifestyle. When you need it most, the sneaker has the Swiss brand’s EDC in place for any fastening, cutting or other task. The shoe is based on the EQT 93 sneaker and modified for this exclusive offering. According to Veronika Elsener, Head of Marketing at Victorinox – “We are delighted with the result of products that bring unique design and exciting details.”

Designer: adidas and Victorinox

On the right shoe, the heel is finished with the adidas logo, the iconic trio of stripes on the side sole and the coordinates of the brand’s headquarters in Herzogenaurach on the outsole. The insole of the right shoe also bears adidas’ corporate design on the inside. The left pair, on the other hand, has the Victorinox cross and shield engraved on one side, which looks so cool. There’s the Swiss brand’s Ibach headquarters seen through the transparent outsole, the Spartan pocket knife image on the heel and their company logo on the insole.

The left shoe is where the Classic SD Solemate Limited Edition Swiss Army Knife resides. Please note that it can also be exchanged for the Classic SD SAK if desired. The EDC has tools including scissors, keychain, 2.5mm screwdriver, small blade, toothpick, tweezers and nail file.

To keep the theme similar on the sneaker and the EDC, the knife has front and back handles with different designs. One has the pattern inspired by Damascus steel while the other takes up the coordinates of the headquarters of the two brands. The blade of the exclusive EDC also gets the seat coordinates engraved on it – now that alone is pretty elusive.

Those who get their hands on this pairing will receive the genuine Nappa leather pouch attachable to the adidas sneaker. The paracord pendant equipped with a carabiner on the outside is made from the same shoe laces to emphasize parity. The adidas x Victorinox EQT 93 sneaker will retail for $75 and the limited-edition adidas x Victorinox Classic SD Solemate Swiss Army Knife will retail for $139.


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