The reason Naruto always wears sandals


Fans of “Naruto” have long wondered why the manga / anime shinobi wear open sandals instead of more protective shoes. There can be several reasons – maybe they are wearing sandals because they provide better space for ventilation. Maybe designer Masashi Kishimoto wanted to honor traditional Japanese culture by designing shoes that looked like Geta, Waraji, and Zori shoes, which were open-toed and looked like sandals. But no, the real reason is entirely different.

In 2007, Kishimoto released “Uzumaki: The Art of Naruto”, in which he highlighted the character designs from his hit manga series. The book revealed that the original plan for Naruto’s shoes was for the ninja to wear boots.

The writer-illustrator ultimately decided against drawing boots for the character because he realized he liked drawing toes. This is how sandals became a feature of the Narutoverse, and ninjas continued to wear them years later, even in Part 2 of the story.

Kishimoto loves drawing feet so much that almost all of the characters in “Naruto” wear open-toed sandals. But that’s not the only reason – the creator also hoped to shatter stereotypes about what readers thought a ninja should wear or look like. Because of this, Kishimoto decided to design some rather colorful clothes for Naruto and other supporting characters, giving them bright orange jumpsuits and vibrant bulletproof vests instead of the usual all-black outfit associated with ninjas.

The intricate costumes made character animation tedious, and Kishimoto once apologized to the team for his design decisions, which took a heavy toll on the animation team.

Kishimoto’s efforts and faith in his design choices contributed to the manga’s immense success, and open-toed sandals have now become a symbol of the “Naruto” universe. Ask anyone at Comic-Con, they’ll tell you!

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