The Vancouver designer’s boots on deck as the Enterprise’s official footwear in the new Star Trek series


John Fluevog of Vancouver joins the USS Enterprise this spring as the official Starfleet bootmaker.

Fluevog, whose shoes have been worn by the likes of Madonna, Beyoncé, Lady Gaga and even BC provincial health worker Dr. Bonnie Henry, designed shoes for the cast of the new series Star Trek: Strange New Worldspremiering on May 5.

He said he felt a sense of connection to Star Trek in that his shoes and the series offered a sense of escapism.

“I just like the idea of ​​living in another world than the one we live in,” he said.

“Who wouldn’t want to do that? Sometimes the world we live in sucks, right? We just want to get away from it all. That’s part of fashion and what dressing up is, it’s is just getting out of the world we live in.”

Starfleet boots will be made available to the public and will cost around C$500. (Submitted by Fluevog Shoes)

Fluevog staff member Dani Boynton says she’s watched Star Trek all her life.

“My mum introduced me to it when I was very little. We watched the original series together and then, you know, when I was a teenager, the next generation came along and I totally fell in love with it,” she said.

What she values ​​most about the franchise is its commitment to diversity, something she’s been applauded for since it first aired in 1966.

“I feel like the new Star Trek just broke new ground like Star Trek always has,” Boynton said, pointing out that new iterations of Star Trek have introduced different genders and body types to the genre. series.

John Fluevog says his collaboration with Star Trek is fitting, given that his shoes and the series provide a sense of escapism. (Margaret Gallagher/CBC)

Fluevog himself fully agrees.

“I like the idea of ​​all kinds of weirdos being accepted. So it’s just a great privilege and a great combination.”

The boots are tall, thin and shaped around the foot. They’re made from supple leather and an elastic upper, with a leather harness and, of course, feature the Star Trek delta insignia on the ankle.

The boots are available in gray and black to match Starfleet uniforms. (Margaret Gallagher/CBC)

“There are no sewing machines in space, so we had to be very careful not to show any seams or seams anywhere,” Fluevog said.

Strange New Worlds costume designer Bernadette Croft said the boots were her favorite part of the uniform.

“Fluevog boots never fail.” “They look futuristic and edgy… such a strong silhouette.”


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