“There were RED FLAGS I didn’t notice” – M’sian got scammed after buying sandals from a fake website


With the rise of digital media and technology, the number of online scams using innovative techniques such as romance scams as well as commission-based part-time jobs has increased.

Recently, a Malaysian woman shared how she got scammed after unknowingly buying a pair of branded sandals on a fake website.

In her tweet, Sueanna explained that she believes the website is legit. “It was too good to be true.”

“There were a lot of RED FLAGS that I didn’t notice. I was just being too stupid.

She allegedly bought a pair of Dr Marten sandals for Raya from a website that she first thought it was legit.

She then listed all the ‘red flags’ she didn’t realize at first but didn’t find out until later.

She explained that the email she received was weird and that the website name, wasn’t even Malaysia but Malaysla with a lowercase letter L.

In addition, the links to which were supposed to refer to other sites were does not work and only links to the original site.

“The social media links just go to the login page and the website SMS to approve the transaction goes somewhere else,” she said.

How did it happen

Sueanna explained that she actually visited the physical store when she was in London. “Then at that point my card was rejected because the system was down. I had to go back, so whatever,” she said.

She then checked the online store and found the website that sold the shoes very cheaply. “In my head, oh maybe an online promo. Why the whyyyy,” she added.

She urged netizens not to be reckless and stupid like her. “The website seemed pretty darn legit. But yeah, so many red flags. I don’t usually buy clothes online, I prefer physical stores. I guess it’s not my rezeki. Eh. Bye, I want to go cry about my stupidity.

Similar websites

In a follow-up tweet, Sueanna explained that she found a Reddit page from 2 years ago of users complaining about fake websites “sell” Dr Martens shoes.

What’s worse is that the scam doesn’t seem to be restricted to Dr Martens products. Netizens shared that there are many more fraudulent websites claiming to be major international brands.

Screenshot 1148

“Be careful. Looks like there are more and more fake websites like this. They target famous brands that don’t have an official store in Malaysia,” one user commented.

Screenshot 1149

Have you ever been the victim of such a scam? Let us know in the comments.

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