‘These shoes represent disrespect’: Kanye West claims Adidas stole his Yeezy designs


Anyone could spot the similarities between how Kanye West was designing shoes for Nike back then and what he’s doing now with Adidas. When a person or a company agrees to design templates for a company, it becomes obvious that with successful templates, there would be plagiarism everywhere. But apparently the rapper feels otherwise. Kanye thinks the brand he currently works with is copying his work. That’s how it becomes clear that West doesn’t know how branding and design go together.

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Rapper and singer Kanye West

These shoes represent disrespect – said Kanye West

This is the design of a pair of sandals that the $22 Adidas Adilette sandals sold for $55 while in stock just minutes after its release. According to Kanye, they looked like Yezzy Slides. On that subject, here’s what the rapper echoed:

In Kaspar. I can’t stand this blatant copying anymore. To all sneaker cultures. To all the ball-playing rappers or even if you work at the store. It’s for anyone who wants to express themselves but feels they can’t because they’ll lose their contract or be called crazy. These shoes represent the lack of respect people in power have for talent. This shoe is a fake Yeezy made by Adidas themselves. I don’t talk to DC about it either. Kasper come talk to me. Happy Monday.

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Kanye West with his girlfriend
Kanye West with his girlfriend

This is how Twitter reacted

Rapper Kanye West
Rapper Kanye West

To conclude, it’s just another day, another Twitter spit. And this one comes between rapper and designer Kanye West and Adidas CEO Kasper Rorsted over a previous business relationship gone sour. If there’s any truth to the claims that Rorsted is “copying” everything West has done, then he’s certainly not telling anyone much about it. Although West has many designs under his belt (and several lines of shoes) including Yeezy, it was Adidas who created some of the early versions of these shoes using their new material technologies after the rapper spoke to them with designs in mind – which they then became reality.

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