This medical sneaker (without any fractures or sprains) is the shoe to show off


Wait what? Is he a guy with broken feet or sprained ankles? It’s actually a pair of sneakers that are supposed to look like medical boots!

Check out the AC1 boot from Brooklyn-based mischief makers MSCHF, created to explore the lighter side of jumping in walking boots intended for foot injury rehabilitation.

Designer: MSCHF

As good as the sneaker design looks for Gen-Z, the inspiration story is just as interesting. In 2015, CEO Lukas Bentel saw someone waking up in medical boots on New York’s Prince Street. He thought it was “the most interesting object”, particularly the functionality rather than fashion. He says thinking about things that aren’t meant to be aesthetically pleasing and given the least amount of design attention can end up “looking really interesting and extravagant.”

The result, the art collective’s AC.1 plastic Aircast boots reflecting the look of an orthopedic show with full details like Velcro straps and holes. There’s even the removable water-resistant neoprene inner liner to maintain the realism. What sets this flexible molded rubber Aircast boot apart from a true medical boot meant for slow, excruciating walks is the presence of the brand logo on all sides. To keep the hip-hop shoe comfortable for all-day wear, MSCHF loaded it with Wowcomfy’s patented technology underfoot cushions and high-traction outsole.

For the record, the manufacturer has explicitly mentioned that the sneaker is not intended for support of the injured foot. The MSCHF AC-1 will be available on October 19 with a price tag of $450 USD, so if you want to own a boot ready to go, this is the one to burn the cash on. Apparently you can get some real medical boots for the same price!


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