Tokyo 2020 – “It takes away credibility” – World record holder Karsten Warholm slams the super shoes


Karsten Warholm described the Nike track cleats worn by his rival Rai Benjamin as “b *******” and said he runs effectively on trampolines, despite beating the American in the 400m hurdles by establishing a new historic world record at Tokyo 2020.

The Norwegian became the first man to run under 46 seconds with a time of 45.94, finishing ahead of Benjamin who was also faster than the previous world record.

There has been a lot of attention around the Nike Air Zoom Victory, which was created to help athletes maximize their potential. They feature a combination of carbon plates and plenty of foam padding, which has made critics question whether the technology has gone too far.

Tokyo 2020

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02/07/2021 At 12:31

Warholm is one such opponent, even though his own Puma shoes are specially designed and designed by the Mercedes F1 team.

“He had these things in his shoes, which I hate,” he said of Benjamin’s spikes.

I don’t see why you should put anything under a sprint shoe. In the middle distance, I can understand it thanks to the cushioning. If you want padding, you can put a mattress in it. But if you put on a trampoline, I think it’s b *******, and I think that takes the credibility away from our sport.

“Can you imagine running 46.17 and clinching a silver medal? »- Warholm after an extraordinary 400m hurdles race

Warholm says his shoes also include a carbon plate, but he claims they look like more traditional spikes.

“We tried to make it as thin as possible. Because that’s how I would like to do it, “he said.” Of course the technology will always be there. But I also want to keep it at a level where we can compare results because it’s important. “

Benjamin responded to Warholm’s claims by saying that it all depended on his own performance and ability, rather than his equipment: “I could wear different shoes and keep running fast. No one will do what we just did, I don’t care who you are.

“It could be Kevin Young, Edwin Moses, respect these guys, but they can’t do what we just did earlier. It’s a very fast track, it felt good, the conditions were really good.

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