Tommy Hilfiger Spring 2023 Men’s Collection


Streetwear seems to be entering its adult phase more and more. A number of fashionable designers have landed positions at legendary luxury houses, sending in baggy suits and sumptuous sweaters. Heck, Kith recently collaborated with luxury bedding brand Parachute on branded sheets and duvet covers. The idea of ​​what a creative and trendy person wears turns into something more personalized, polished and refined.

Tommy Hilfiger is well positioned to capitalize on this shift, especially among Millennials and Gen Z shoppers. much more youth-focused and street-influenced. This continues with Hilfiger’s Spring 23 collection, which the designer previewed at the brand’s Manhattan offices. “I like to stray away from sweatshirts,” says Hilfiger, showing off a pair of impeccably tailored chinos that would go great with an oversized cable-knit sweater. “We’ve been doing a lot of streetwear for many years and I like it when it gets a lot more stylish.”

What excites Hilfiger about today’s fashion landscapes and the outfits he sees on the streets of New York? “Proportions,” he says. “And new forms.” This is certainly reflected in the collection, in terms of design. There are a number of pieces that line up fabulously with the trends and tastes of young shoppers. There’s a chunky sweater in lime green (a recurring color in the collection), which features a textured 3D waffle print. Hilfiger points to the garment then holds up pleated pants in the same bright, fluorescent hue and calls it a great look. There are also chunky-soled boat shoes, jacquard baggy shorts, a low-rise micro skirt, and a cropped sweater. As he shows off clothes that play fabulously with dimensions and silhouettes, it becomes clear that Hilfiger has his sights set on tomorrow. (Many of the sweaters and hoodies in the collection are made with recycled polyester, and sustainable denim is featured throughout.)

Another major influence on the nautical-tinted collection: Andy Warhol and the foggy days he spent at his residence in Montauk, New York (some of which are poignantly documented in the recent Netflix documentary Andy Warhol’s Diaries). Hilfiger, who has paid homage to Warhol on several occasions, says his memories of the art icon still remain with him today. “I met Andy when I moved here in the 80s, and he took me to his factory,” he recalls, sharing his admiration for the hotel artist’s paintings of Muhammad Ali , Diana Ross, David Bowie and others. “It blew my mind.”

“I have always associated the brand with music and musicians,” continues the designer. “But then I thought, ‘Okay, but Andy makes pop culture icons. I started growing by doing groups of people from Hollywood – the sports world, the music world, the influencers.

With this collection of stonewashed styles, comfy fabrics, and sleek fits, it’s easy to imagine yourself as an off-duty entertainer vacationing in a private enclave. Or at least feel like one.


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