Top quality lace brand mustaches curl towards the golf market


Golfers are certainly no strangers to making dazzling sartorial statements. These self-expression flourishes can run the gamut from the bright rainbow patterned pants that can be seen a few aisles, from retro hats that take a page out of the style books of Ben Hogan or Old Tom Morris, to using a plush replica of a pet labradoodle as a headgear. So aftermarket laces that can provide another canvas to showcase one’s personality aren’t exactly a stretch, which is why the premium aftermarket brand of laces Mustaches decided to create a golf collection.

“We designed our golf laces with the intention of aligning ourselves with golf’s most popular clothing and footwear so that they coordinate well with other fashion items golfers wear on the course,” explains Kyle Groth, CEO of Whiskers.

For $ 15, golfers can spruce up their kicks with a pair of premium USA-made and USA-made laces using polyester made from recycled plastic bottles and the aglets are triple or quadruple. wrapped to extend their life. Whiskers offers dozens of references in a constantly expanding range with touches of color and more discreet styles. The best-selling looks to date are a navy and light blue colourway, followed by a red and black combo and a solid bright orange.

Growing mustaches

Dissatisfaction with the status quo is often a powerful motivator for entrepreneurs. The whiskers probably would never have come off if Kyle Groth hadn’t torn the shoelace on a pair of brown Cole Haans as he visited family in Austin, TX.

Her forward-thinking brother-in-law recommended that she take the opportunity to get the laces up and step up in these light blue lace-up dress shoes. Inspired, Groth set off in search of a pair.

“I could barely find any replacement laces and when I did it was the cheapest version of a lace you could find. Even in some of the leading and luxury shoe brands, they still sold those aftermarket cotton laces for seventeen cents and that’s when it clicked, ”Groth says.

He had seen the sock space evolve from a category focused on black and white commodities to a paradise for self-expression with the emergence of brands like Bombas, Happy Socks and Stance. He knew there was an opportunity if he could improve on laces, perhaps the most overlooked wardrobe item.

Prior to going on his own, Groth honed his branding skills in the spirits world at Mahalo Capital Group, a venture capital firm focused on the marketing, advertising and early stage spirits sectors. He was part of the team that launched Angels Envy Bourbon in 2011, which Bacardi acquired four years later for $ 150 million. Other Mahalo success stories include the partnership with Ernest Hemingway’s family on Papa’s Pilar rum and the growth of Waterloo Gin, Suerte Tequila and Treaty Oak Distilling.

Diligently doing his due diligence, Groth has spent a solid six months descending the lace rabbit hole, researching every aspect of the industry, from materials used to best practices. He emerged more excited than ever about starting a high-end replacement shoelace business. To realize his vision, he knew he would have to call on the expertise of someone with deep skills in manufacturing, product development and supply chain management. He introduced Mike Gossett, a friend of a friend who had been a product manager at Nike

and Crox to come as senior advisor. Gossett was so enamored with the concept that they ended up teaming up and the company’s first line of laces debuted in 2018.

With his interest in laser laces and a focus on the thoroughness of weave structure, shoe interplay and durability, Whiskers is establishing itself as an innovator in a category often seen as an afterthought.

“The two things that big shoe brands cut to cut down on their margins are the laces and the insole,” says Groth.

Whiskers just sold its 250,000e pair of laces and they think the brand new golf vertical could propel them to bigger milestones. Next year, they anticipate a big push into the sport via retail and direct-to-consumer channels, as well as pairing up pros from the circuit.

They have created a seamless portal for golf stores to easily log in and order products online and on their own website they are working on a feature where consumers can visualize what their laces will look like on a shoe.

As for the PGA and LPGA pros who will sport pops of color in their shoe set courtesy of Whiskers, Groth’s word is the watchword. But he teases that they’ll be on the top two tours with names expected to be revealed in early 2022.

They also play with sublimation which will allow funky new designs and patterns to be rolled out in the next lines of golf laces.

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