Trinidad James apologizes – sort of – after argument over locally-inspired sneakers



Trinidad James

American rapper TRINIDAD-BORN Trinidad James (real name Nicholaus Williams) has released a new sneaker under his HOMEWRK label (not a typo).

But social media users wondered if the label, in fact, had done any homework, as it said the inspiration behind the red kicks was “hibiscus – the national flower of Trinidad and Tobago.” Tobago “.

James is best known for his international hit All Gold Everything in 2012.

On Monday, he posted a digital page for sneaker magazine Hartcopy on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram indicating that the shoe will be released in November.

The sneakers are a collaboration between HOMEWRK and American athletic shoe brand Saucony, and use the latter’s Jazz 81 runner as a base.

On the sole of the shoe are the words “Do your homework”.

The description on Hartcopy says, “James was inspired by the hibiscus flower – the national flower of his hometown of Trinidad and Tobago.

“James goes for a semi-sheer toe box alongside lush suede and supple leather. The sneaker is mostly colored red and pink to resemble hibiscus.

While some sneakerheads were excited about the release, TT nationals were confused and irritated for two reasons.

TT’s national flower is the double chaconia, and TT is not a “city” but a country.

One Twitter user asked, “How many times have we been misrepresented by celebrities at this point? While another said, “We did that in social studies in grade two, baby, keep going.”

Others thought people were overreacting and should instead be grateful for the international attention despite the “little mistake”.

All photos, promotions and other shoe-related content have since been removed from all social media platforms.

James then posted a video explaining that he made a mistake, adding that “Trinis has a problem.

“… And that’s a good question because I appreciate a Trinidadian. A Trinidadian is someone who will always hold you accountable for your mess or when you act (like) an a–.

“I own my business and I am very proud of my business and I am very proud of my people. They are amazing… But the only thing about the human experience is you will make mistakes . And when you make mistakes, you have to be a great man or a great woman and be able to live with them. “

He corrected himself by saying that the chaconia is the national flower, but that it “has nothing to do with sneakers.

“We are doing our homework here, trust and believe.”

He then said that the real reason hibiscus was the inspiration behind the shoes was that his favorite drink was sorrel and “it’s made from the hibiscus flower.

“The sneaker is sorrel red.”

When locals tried to explain that even though sorrel is a species of hibiscus, it is not the flower he refers to in his designs, he tweeted: “I don’t apologize for you. , false Trinis trying to attack me. You know how I ride. It won’t work.

“This is a basketball, not a book that we make. The hibiscus flower they use to make sorrel is the same color. The hibiscus is a much more beautiful flower than the sorrel plant. . That is why we are marketing this flower that grows in Trinidad. Relax respectfully. “


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