Unboxing of the new Tototè.Studio design: the CPC cross bag


Respond to the contemporary era where work and life have become a dynamic field

The recently established Dutch and ethical bag brand Tototè.Studio, founded in late 2020 to fill the void in well-designed and responsibly produced laptop sleeves, is now welcoming a new design: the CPC cross bag.

Tototè.Studio is known for its distinctive and functional bag designs in bright colors, which are produced according to the pillars: “upcycled, ethical and local design”. The brand uses only in-stock and in-stock leather, lines vintage scarf bags around the world, and to complete the triangle the bags are produced locally by newcomer immigrants.

The CPC shoulder bag, which fits a cell phone and your most important cards, is designed in line with the brand’s aspiration to its previous laptop sleeve design: as an air-triggered solution time. Tototè.Studio responds to the contemporary era where work and life have become a dynamic field, where moving several times a day and working around the world has become a norm for many and it has become a necessity to delimit life only to what’s relevant.

The CPC cross bag will be available online at www.totote-studio.com, as well as online and in store at its partner retailers in Burgundy, Taupe and Icy Blue colors, from July 22, 2021.

Learn more about Tototè.Studio on the brand’s page: fashionunited.com/compagnies/totote-studio


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