Vicki sends Sandal Warriors on track to convincing victory


The Sandal Warriors vie with Wetherby for possession of the roster.

They were soon ahead of Vicki Megretton with Laura Ackroyd converting. A second try followed as fullback Ackroyd sprinted 40 yards to the line.

Molly Palmer then scored after a flurry of quick picks and Ackroyd’s goal made it 19-0.

A quick kick brought a fourth try with exquisite hands to send the ball to Saima Hussain, who then rounded the outside of Wetherby’s last defender to point to the left side of the pitch. Without conversion, it was 24-0 at halftime.

The Sandal Warriors are preparing well on defense as Wetherby looks to attack.

Sandal was reduced to 14 players after the break with a yellow card for Ackroyd for a high tackle, but they did not concede big tackles led by Holly Waddington and Marna van der Merwe.

Wetherby then failed a player for a high tackle and the Warriors scored again as Ella Greensmith set the burners on.

Once again since the restart, Sandal has retained possession and with some tidy ball handling skills and released the ball to the left where Greensmith took a hold behind his head and managed to miraculously maintain control of the ball while avoiding Wetherby’s defense to storm the middle to score his second try under the posts. Megretton stepped up and made the conversion to 36-0.

With both teams now back to full 15 players, Wetherby recovered the ball and began to put prolonged pressure on Sandal’s defensive line, forcing Sandal to concede penalties and territory, allowing the hosts to cross over. the try line, only to be repelled more than once by a resolute and stoic defensive effort.

Sandal Warriors attacking Wetherby.

The home side received a penalty at the five-yard line and passed the ball to their imposing number eight, who made their way for a try that Wetherby deserved for his efforts.

Sandal restarted the game with a good push from the defensive line to keep Wetherby contained in his own half. They managed to regain possession, but were pressured into touching.

From Wetherby’s roster, however, Sandal passed the ball wide to his right flank and then started moving it to the left again, Greensmith eventually straightened the line and ran to score his hat-trick. under the posts. The conversion was good from Megretton.

By this point both groups of players were starting to feel the intensity of the play and there were more injury saves, one of those saves hampered Sandal’s attack as they were pushing hard down the right flank but the referee exploded to deal with Wetherby’s head injury.

The game resumed with a Sandal scrum where they had previously left off, and they then progressed into the 22, forcing some penalties. A quick shot saw Hannah Dickinson pick up the ball and crash for her first try of the game.

Receiving the ball again since the restart Sandal delivered crisp passes and broke the right wing again, with Waddington breaking free and passing to Tahnee Holmes in support. Unfortunately, the final transfer to Courtney Evans was considered a striker, so the game was cut back for a Wetherby scrum just outside their five-yard line.

Wetherby decided to play cautiously and gave a clear kick in their 22, Sandal picked up the ball at the halfway line and with the ball in hand Ackroyd crossed the winning line, to pass to Hussain, in support, who passed the defense on the outside to score.

Once again, smooth handling saw the ball pass to Megretton who straightened the line, passed to Evans who then unloaded to Abi Ledger, who slid through the tired and restless defensive line to score under the posts. The kick was much easier for Megretton to add the extra two points and complete the score.

Evans was named full-back, Greensmith’s top forward and Megretton opposition player of the game.

Sandal Warriors: Naomi Gelder, Molly Palmer, Joanne Clark, Hannah Dickinson, Megan Baldwin, Holly Waddington, Kelly Wood, Abbie Dickinson, Tahnee Holmes, Imy Coxon, Vicki Megretton, Saima Hussain, Courtney Evans, Laura Ackroyd, Victoria East, Abi Ledger , Marna Van Der Merwe, Ella Greensmith


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